Designed to work better than dental floss, the Waterpik is an easy and highly effective way to remove plaque and debris from one’s teeth. The reason why this tool is deemed superior to flossing is that it is capable of reaching areas that traditional brushing and flossing tools are unable to reach. 

As a matter of fact, it has been proven to work up to 50% more effective for overall gum health than regular dental floss. The Waterpik is an important tool that you may want to include in your oral hygiene routine. It eliminates the tediousness and messiness of traditional flossing by using water to flush plaque or food out. 
How to Use Waterpik 
There are seven easy to follow steps to successfully use this device, which leaves your gums feeling healthy and clean.
Charge the unit before using – this may take up to 4 hours.

Fill the reservoir with warm water and tightly place on the base. Make sure it is securely placed and that you avoid using cold or hot water.

Choose the appropriate tip you want to use and snap into the handle.

Start the Waterpik at the lowest pressure setting, place it in your mouth, and hover over the sink.

Turn the device on and suction lips around the pik, closed slightly to stop water from spraying but allow for water to run from your mouth to sink.

Keep the water at the gumline for a maximum clean, and start at the back of the mouth, working forward. Keep a slow, steady pace.

After cleaning, turn the device off and remove the tip using the eject button.
An important thing to remember when using the Waterpik is that most models have a pause or on/off button located conveniently on the handle in case you need to stop the device at any time during use.

Learning how to use a waterpik is very easy if you follow the seven steps above. The Waterpik is also safe to use for those wearing braces, dentures, implants, and even those who have dental health issues. However, before purchasing one, you should examine all the different models available to find one that meets your teeth’s needs. 

There are also many different tips that you can use on the Waterpik, such as the Classic Jet tip for everyday use, the Tongue Cleaner for fresh breath, or the Orthodontic Tip designed for braces and orthodontics. The tips must also be replaced but each one has a specific duration of time it lasts for. For example, the Class Jet Tip can last up to six months before being replaced, and the Orthodontic Tip can last up to three before requiring replacement.

The Waterpik is an alternative to flossing that can leave your teeth and gums feeling cleaner, fresher, and healthier. No more standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a string of floss trying to reach in between all your teeth. The Waterpik is a safe and effective device for kids and adults to use. The next time your teeth need a thorough clean; try the Waterpik instead of traditional flosses.