Podcasts are fantastic; they provide listeners and viewers with, useful content from authoritative sources. They have lectures on just about anything and interview the who's who in their industries. The best part is they’re free, and they provide flexibility; you can listen to them while walking, driving or going for a jog.

Health podcasts have carved a niche for themselves in the health and fitness field. They have helped to transform many lives. There are many famous health podcasts such as Biohackers Lab podcast which you should watch out for in 2018. Other Health podcasts to keep tabs on in 2018 include:

Bee the Wellness

Hosted by Adam and Vanessa Lambert, this podcast is as diverse as they come. They not only cover traditional health and fitness topics but also delve into more esoteric arenas including shamanism, Burning Man and life coaching. There is something for everyone, and the hosts keep the show exciting and alive. It’s worth checking out.

Paleo Magazine Radio

The podcast is hosted by an exceptional host Ashleigh VanHouten who is a certified Primal Health Coach. As the name suggests, the podcast has a magazine series too, and it's making waves in the print magazine space. The show focuses on more than just paleo; it delves into more diverse topics such as bone broth, nootropics, and strong woman training.

Renegade Radio

Renowned fitness professional Jay Ferruggia hosts the podcast. The show is famous for the big names it attracts in the industry. Jay has managed to interview not only health experts but also renowned entrepreneurs. The podcast aims to improve people all round in physical, mental and psychological health. Jay seeks to make people achieve the best versions of themselves and reach self-actualization.

Primal Endurance Podcast

Hosted by the ever-enthusiastic Brad Kearns, the show offers the best endurance training there is out there. The show is ideal for older professional athletes. It covers the importance of getting enough rest and recovery, especially after a challenging competitive season. It also includes essential health tips on how to stay fit in the later decades of one’s career.
Primal Potential

This podcast is ideal for those listeners who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Their podcasts are usually shorter running 10-20 minutes long. However, this does not mean they compromise on quality. If you are looking for little nuggets of truth and advice, then check them out. They also offer tips on diverse topics such as keeping fit, chasing your dream and other health-related content.

The Healthy Moms Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Katie the Wellness Mama who tackles just about every topic concerning health and fitness to help worrying moms. The podcast gives informed lectures to help worrying moms worry less and to lead a healthier lifestyle. Katie tackles topics such as hormonal effects of birth control, the dangers of kegels and radiation in seafood. You will also figure out the best solutions to these problems.

Watch out for these upcoming health podcasts in 2018. You will learn a lot from and get to enjoy yourself at the same time too. Let's stay fit and healthy in 2018!