Smokers are vulnerable to a number of diseases compared to people who don’t smoke. Chain smoking can expose you to deadly illnesses like lung cancer, heart strokes, and brain damage. If you are worried about your health, then you must consider giving up on smoking.

According to many surveys and research conducted, it is never too late to stop your smoking habit. Doctors, medical professionals and expert online platforms like Smoking Cessation Formula have come up with ways to quit smoking, detox your body of the deadly chemicals and get your physical health back. 

Nevertheless, easier said than done. Most smokers can’t quit smoking. They find it incredibly difficult to give up on this habit. But there are some ways to quit smoking, rid of your addiction for good and spend the rest of your life in peace. 

Plan out

This is the first and most important step in getting rid of your smoking addiction and coming to terms with your decision to be smoke-free. Make a decision to change your life and your future in 2018 and lead a healthy life. Write a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and keep it next to you as a reminder and a motivation to get through hard times and weak moments. Here are some common reasons why you might want to quit smoking:

● Smoking is deteriorating your health. It can have a deadly impact on your internal and external organs not only damaging your appearance but also having an adverse impact on your personality. 

● It is widening the gap between you and your social relations. Addiction has kept you away from your friends and family. 

● You are highly dependent on the usage of cigarettes which doesn’t only add on the financial burden but also stresses you out emotionally. 

Make a plan and determine reasons to quit smoking. You need solid reasons to give up on this habit and these reasons only will help you in this process. 

Quit Smoking Methods 

Here are some methods to stop smoking that you can avail: 

● Start slowly. You are doing great if you have cut back from one pack a day to a cigarette a day. The results will show up slowly. It takes a long time to recover. 

● Learn to manage your stress. Many people smoke out of stress. Some stresses like work problems and financial crisis can trigger this habit again. So, take charge of yourself and your stress before you relapse back to smoking. The CBQ quit smoking method gives you stress management tips to learn how to stay calm under pressure. 

● You need motivation to quit smoking. There is no embarrassment in asking for help and support from your friends and family. Ask them to motivate you. Studies have suggested that smokers with partners who offer emotional and practical support had a higher tendency to stop smoking than smokers who did not have such partners. 

● Divert your attention. You can smoke as a result of idleness. Engage yourself in something else to eliminate the addiction. Shifting to anything from chewing gums to taking up a hobby will work well. 

● Engage yourself in healthy habits. This is by far the most effective and easiest way to stop smoking. Since smoking is an unhealthy habit, the way to counter this condition is by incorporating healthy habits into your routine. Exercise on daily basis and practice meditation. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Some foods can be beneficial for smokers than non-smokers. Use foods that are high in antioxidants that can be good for repairing injured tissues. 

Treat Yourself

Giving up your smoking addiction is something that needs to be appreciated. Quitting is not an easy to task since the nicotine addiction is very serious. You need to treat yourself in order to remain motivated. Give yourself something special as a reward for every day you are smoke-free. The easy way to quit smoking is knowing that your life will improve in every way as a non-smoker.

The Bottom Line

This is a time-consuming process. It takes weeks or even months to do so. Remain persistent and dedicated to experiencing desired results. Nevertheless, you can take help of platforms or experts to get a better idea on different ways to quit smoking. 

The smoking addiction is one of the most prevalent conditions that has the global authorities worried. Since it is a billion-dollar industry, many governments have not taken any steps to regulate tobacco use which requires individuals to do everything on their own. Above were some methods and tips which you can follow to stop smoking in 2018.