If you are suffering from any of the metabolic problem or diabetes, you have a higher risk of developing the fatty liver issue. This issue is becoming very common among people nowadays which affects the liver functioning and is regarded silent at the start. There are no clear symptoms that recognized at its earlier stages. 

Initially, it is detected with the help of a blood test which determines the high amount of liver enzymes. It is a sign of breaking down of your liver. However, in the worst case, you may have inflammation and then scarring of the liver. These conditions can damage the overall functioning of the liver, like breaking down of toxicants and metabolism of the proteins. 

Some changes in lifestyle must be adapted to control diabetes and improve the functioning of the liver. They can stop the formation of fatty liver. For improving the functioning of the liver, you need to control the sugar level in your blood, cholesterol, and triglycerides. 

Here are the top 5 tips which can improve the functioning of the liver and can have your liver from various diseases. In fact, they can work out best for you if adopted properly and regularly. Once you will get your liver enzymes tested, you will see the big and wonderful changes. 

Healthy Fats
Taking healthy fats in the diet is quite important. Whether plant-based fats or others, an excess of anything is bad, especially when you think of fats. For proper functioning of the liver, there is a few fats needed but not too much. Because an excess of fats can lead to bile production that can affect the fat digestion, causing other problems related to the digestion. The fats which are advantageous for your liver are the healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, olives, chia seeds, flax seeds, and coconut. Other seeds and nuts are also helpful, but make sure that avoid those with heavy oils.  
Use vitamin E
According to a study done by the NIH (national institute of health), people who have fats related liver diseases and take 800 IU per day of the Vitamin E have improved liver health for around two years. This not only improved liver diseases in various aspects but also removed the scar tissues of the liver. You can buy Vitamin supplements from brands like Swiss Vitamins.

Use Smart Supplements
It is necessary to select the supplements wisely. Don’t just take in the pills which claim to provide the good health. The plant-based vitamins and selenium are regarded as the important ones as they aid in metabolizing the food within the body while maintaining the health of the liver. 

Herbs like artichoke leaf and milk thistle can aid in cleaning out your liver. You can get the whole food, high-quality supplements, plant-based vitamins and other special liver health formulas from any medical store easily. Not 100% necessary but few B vitamins as well as herbs can really support the liver health and are to be taken in the diet. 

Avoid sucrose and fructose 
Food which contains a high amount of sucrose and fructose can cause fatty liver problems leading to the liver inflammations, similar to alcohol. Soda includes a large amount of fructose, and so do some of the beverages such as fruit juices or cocktails. Avoid the type of food which include a high amount of sugary contents. Limit the consumption of all sorts of the sugar to around 2000 calories per day. 

Intake sulfur-free diet
Intake lots of onions, broccoli, and garlic. These things include sulfur which can boost up liver cleansing and increases enzyme action. With an inadequate amount of sulfur, the second stage of detoxification can’t be achieved, leaving toxins in the body which are dangerous for health.