Many people are well aware of how out of control obesity has become in the US, but that does not make it any easier to accept the grim statistics linked to this dangerous chronic disease. 

One in three adults are obese in the country, as are children and adolescents aged 6 to 19, which is partly the reason US is the leading country when it comes to obesity in the English-speaking world.

But where did the entire population go so wrong? The answer is energy imbalance – Americans simply can’t help consuming more calories than they need and the result is runaway obesity rates. Consuming bigger portions has become a trend as well, and so has physical inactivity. The only hope lies in the fact that there are diet plans like Nutrisystem that are willing to fly in the face of this health crisis and save people from themselves by making healthier eating much easier and tolerable.

About Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a diet program that focuses on portion control to help its users lose weight. Initially, they did this in physical stores, but then they moved to the web and are now exclusively available online. The program is able to provide tailored nutritional help to its customers.
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Why Nutrisystem Works

The success of this program lies on the fact that it is pretty easy to use. You only need to feed your details into the online calculator and you will know what your calorie requirements stand. From there, you just need to select your favorite foods and they will be delivered to your doorstep with clear instructions about how to prepare them, if necessary. And although the program has many features, you just need to pay the food to enjoy everything the program has to offer, including exercise programs.

Who Can Benefit from Nutrisystem?

Mostly, Nutrisystem is intended for people who are trying to lose weight. On average, the foods this program provides help people lose about 2 pounds a week. Still, even you have trouble following a diet program despite knowing what is needed, then Nutrisystem can make things easier on you by ensuring you have healthy meals on a consistent basis.

How is It Better than Other Weight Loss Programs?

Nutrisystem is better than other programs in many ways. However, the most notable way this program differs from other programs is that it is more affordable. With just $9, you can enjoy the weight loss benefits of this program.

Also, unlike some diet programs, you can use Nutrisystem meals with regular meals as well; and still lose weight. They will even go a step further and tell you what foods to combine with what they send you. So, you should not get lost in hopeless guesswork once you decide that Nutrisystem should provide you with just a portion of the meals.

Can I Get a Nutrisystem Coupon?

Yes. Nutrisystem coupons and promotions exist. When paying for various products, you will often have a chance to lower your cost by using any of the available coupon codes the company offers its clients. This can significantly lower the cost of your already affordable meal plan further. In some cases, the coupons or deals will get you a percentage of the price off, in other cases, you can get a fixed amount of discount, such as $200 or $100 off your purchase.

To get a Nutrisystem coupon code make sure you sign up with Nutrisystem’s email list. They often send coupons that will save you upwards of $50. Sites like are also great ways to get Nutrisystem’s latest coupons and deals.

Nutrisystem and People with Health Conditions

The Nutrisystem diet is healthy for many people, including those with health issues like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The foods are healthy because they contain healthy amounts of sodium, fats, and other nutritional elements.

Ashley’s 135 lbs Success Story

Many people have lost weight using Nutrisystem foods. One of them is Ashley, who has managed to lose a jaw-dropping 135 pounds through the foods this company provides. Before getting into the program Ashley weighed in at 250 pounds. Like many other people, she put on weight little by little, until things were clearly out of control.

She had to take charge or risk losing a lot more health-wise. The time for flimsy excuses was over, she had to take charge of the situation. She actually stumbled into Nutrisystem through an ad. She loved the program because it makes eating healthy a walk in the park.

All she had to do was pick up her delivery from Nutrisystem and eat. In the end, she had lost more than half her weight. She cannot thank Nutrisystem enough for helping her turn her life and health around. She is more determined than ever to pursue her nursing course and get back into the activities that she really loved before weight became a stumbling block.

She is now able to teach figure skating once more. She is also quite excited to follow a health lifestyle once more, and she loves every moment of it. Some of the highlights of her weight loss journey include receiving her first package of Nutrisystem foods. She also wishes she had taken more pictures of when she still clocked over 250 pounds just to prove to her how much this diet program has helped her become a healthier and skinnier person.

Stories like Ashley’s inspire us to keep the fight against obesity, as we educate ourselves to make healthier eating choices, exercise more, and, if necessary, receive help from experts and programs like that of Nutrisystem.