Weight Watchers is one of the most famous weight loss organizations in the world. It was founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch. 

Jean was from Brooklyn and worked as a homemaker. When she was around 40 years of age, she was suffering from excess weight. In order to get rid of it, she approached several clinics in New York. She also went through a diet. All this resulted in her losing around 20 pounds. 

But she was not happy with her progress, and lost motivation at one point of time. Then, she decided to call up her friends who were going through the same trouble, for a meeting. In the meeting, she confessed her obsession for cookies. Her friends understood her situation, and all of them decided to work together for the same objective of losing weight. After that, they met every week in Jean's apartment and helped each other. They were successful, and their success also attracted more members. They understood that losing weight was not just about dieting; it was more about making a change in your lifestyle. 

At one point of time, Jean was having around 50 women in her apartment. Very soon, Jean conducted meetings in other people's houses as well. Following the suggestions of some of her friends, Jean also started giving classes in prime business locations. And Weight Watchers was born. 

In the month of May, 1963, it became a company and the 1st meeting was conducted in Queens. Jean was shocked to find out that around 400 people were queuing up for the meeting. In the next few years, White Watchers started growing at an incredible rate. Franchises cropped up all over the world and the classes were conducted by the initial members of the company. 

How They Work

Weight Watchers follows a point system. Every drink and meal is assigned a number of point. The members are only allowed to consume up to a specific number of points every day. Some spare points are also allowed. They provide a journal to all their members to record the points that corresponds to the food they eat each day. Their safe and easy to follow method is the main reason for their success. They also give lifestyle tips to all their members. 

Currently, Weight Watchers has more than half a million members. Famous personalities like Jennifer Hudson has advertised for them. Every week, more than 30,000 meeting are held throughout the world, where members share their tips and strategies. 

What Makes Weight Watchers so Attractive

Weight Watchers has been named best weight loss program many times. What makes it stand above other diet programs? The fact that it’s not a diet. You eat the foods you like. You just learn to make healthy choices. 

Oprah Winfrey loves bread. Well, she joined Weight Watchers and lost over 40lbs in 2016. She didn’t have to fight her cravings for bread. She didn’t have to deprive herself of her favorite tacos and pasta. This is because as she recorded the points she “ate” every day, she become conscious of the amount of food she was consuming and as a result she naturally started eating less food. Research has shown that those who keep a food journal lose two times more weight than those who don’t keep a food journal, because they become aware of what they eat. Weight Watchers’ points system is like keeping a food journal. 

The program also helps you set fitness goals. Oprah set a goal to walk 10,000 steps every day.

For more than 50 years, Weight Watchers has been a powerful tool in the fight against obesity. For those who want to learn more about Weight Watchers, Kelly, owner of Lodlois, offers information and even a coupon code for Weight Watchers on this page.