Losing weight and keeping it off requires knowledge, effort and time. Weight loss meal delivery services have become very popular because they offer convenience. They send specially designed packaged food to your door so that you lose weight without having to read diet books, go grocery shopping, count calories, or spend time cooking and washing dishes.   In today’s hectic lifestyle, the modern man and woman values time more than ever before. But, how do you identify a good diet food delivery program?

Popular weight loss site Fitij.com, which publishes reviews of popular weight loss meal delivery programs, as well as providing coupons to help dieters save on weight loss, has released a new report that highlights the best diet food delivery programs. Ian Jason, founder of FITIJ, advises anyone looking to lose weight with a diet food delivery service to take into consideration the following:


“Choose a company that allows you to customize the food plan based on your dietary needs and food likes”, says Ian Jason. He explains that if you are a vegetarian or vegan, the program should offer a meat-free plan or one that doesn’t contain any animal products. If you are a diabetic ask them if their meals satisfy the American Diabetes Association guidelines. If you have an allergy to a particular type of food, make sure the can offer you meals that do not contain the particular allergen. Finally, if you don’t like certain meals in the menu, it’s important that the program gives you the choice to substitute them with others you enjoy more. A rigid meal plan that has no room for customization is often the number one reason diets fail.

Fresh Food

Dieting with preserved or stale food won’t get you far enough when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Ian Jason advises that you choose a company that delivers freshly prepared food. Fresh food means it has been prepared the day you consume it, it has been stored in a cooler until it reaches your house, and it’s ready to be consumed without having to be defrosted.


How many years has the diet food delivery business been operating for? What is their experience in the weight loss field? Have they received any awards for meal taste and quality? Have they been tested for taste by independent experts, like Epicurious? Have they been referenced in relevant authority health sites or weight loss/diet TV shows, and have they been endorsed by dietitians, and medical experts? Who is the founder of the meal delivery company and how does he relate educationally to the weight loss field?

Customer Service

Losing weight with a meal delivery service often entails a number of phone calls to the company to ask information, arrange continuation or cancelation issues or to solve specific problems. A polite, caring, friendly, respective and knowledgeable customer support can greatly facilitate your weight loss endeavor. 


Variety is the antidote to boredom. And a meal plan that stays the same week in and week out can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Therefore, ensure the meal delivery program you are about to join has a big variety of meals to choose from.  How many weeks of unique meals can they offer? Look for a minimum of 3 weeks meal rotation. Four weeks is even better. 

BistroMD.com and DiettoGo.com are award winning diet food delivery companies that deliver high quality meals on a 5-week rotation offering huge variety.