Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common problems that our generation is facing these days. From anxiety to obesity and from weak bones to hair loss, it can lead to many chronic health problems. But, we are here to discuss what Vitamin D is, how it functions and how effective it is for hair growth.

What is Vitamin D and How Does it Work?

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that can help in the quick absorption of calcium, phosphate and magnesium, and many other important biological components through the intestines (source). It is essential for overall health and strength of hair, nail, and bones. Its responsibility is to make sure that your different body organs are working perfectly and that they can fight against malignant infections.

Our body can simply receive vitamin D through mild sun exposure and different types of natural foods. In case of severe vitamin D deficiency, the best solution is to start taking special supplements that can reduce the problem and prepare your health for the future. The major benefit of this vitamin is to manage the amount of calcium in your bones, blood, and gut and to rejuvenate your body cells so that they can communicate properly.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in Men

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to multiple health risks, and there are many symptoms one can observe, such as:

Muscle weakness
Joint pain
Hair loss
Weight gain
Unexplained Fatigue
Excessive sweating
Weak bones
Depression and mood swings
Breathing issues
Type-II diabetes
Constipation or diarrhea

Vitamin D Efficient Foods

Being one of the most significant vitamins, vitamin D can be obtained both from sunlight and food (source). Many healthy foods are naturally high in this vitamin and can easily fulfill the daily requirement. According to top health organizations around the world, 600 IU of vitamin D is required per day to make your body function perfectly. Here are some of the Vitamin D rich foods that must be included in your daily diet for better health and wellness:

Sardines and Herring
Canned Tuna
Cod Liver Oil
Egg Yolks
Fortified Foods (Dairy products, soy milk, cereals and orange juice)
Beef Liver

How Does Vitamin D Affect Hair Growth?

Vitamin D is one of an essential vitamins for men’s hair growth and can show some miracles when taken in adequate amount. Men usually suffer from severe hair loss or androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) due to vitamin D deficiency. So being a responsible human, proper consultation should be taken from the doctor regarding vitamin D deficiency so that proper diet must be started. 

In some cases when the deficiency is too low, supplements are prescribed to increase the the vitamin D level and to improve your health. Along with many other benefits, vitamin D provides better hair regrowth that can lead to amazing results in short time. According to health experts, this vitamin helps to create new follicles, from where new hair can grow. This process can reduce hair loss and will also improve the thickness of the hair. It will also wake up inactive follicles that can bring back hair growth.
For your convenience, we have gathered a few useful tips regarding vitamin D that can surely improve your hair growth. let’s see what we have for you. 

5 Important Tips to Use Vitamin D for Male Hair Loss

Popularly known as one of the best hair growth supplements, vitamin D can play a vital role in boosting the process. Here are 5 of the essential tips that must be religiously followed to prevent hair loss:
1. Include some good amount of seafood such as salmon, swordfish, and shrimps to your daily diet to increase vitamin D in the body. This will increase the production of new follicles that will, in turn, produce hair growth.

2. Try out special serums that are readily available in the market and contain vitamin D3. By simply massaging your scalp with this serum, men can reduce the problem of hair loss and can celebrate hair regrowth in just a few months.

3. Mild sun exposure can also work wonders for your hair as it provides an adequate amount of vitamin D. Whenever you’re feeling low and want your hair and body to have a little sun pampering, head over to the open spaces of your house where you can enjoy a good amount of sunlight, especially early mornings.

4. Try to include fortified foods such as dairy products, soy milk and orange juice to your daily diet to receive sufficient amount of vitamin D. These healthy products will surely provide intense hair therapy that will lead to better hair growth.

5. Drink a teaspoon full of cod liver oil daily to get better vitamin D supply.

Should Vitamin D Supplements be Taken for Hair Growth?

Vitamin D deficiency should not be taken lightly, as one can consider the symptoms of severe hair fall and weak bones. But if the deficiency is too low and on the rim, proper rich food diet must be followed along with vitamin D supplements to overcome the deficiency as soon as possible. So there is no harm in taking some extra supplements until and unless you’re getting good benefits out of it and being one of the important organic compounds, it will never disappoint you.

Further, we can conclude that hair care management is not that simple as it looks. You have to be very precise in whatever you eat and apply to your hair. The better you perform, the better results you will get. So always remember to be patient while the results can take some good time and never lose hope in whatever you do.