Have you ever thought about how miraculous it is to just move or think? Your brain and nervous system work hand in hand to enable our bodies to make simple yet amazing things. The problem is that due to our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, we often forget how important it is to nourish the very core of your system; the brain. 

Your lack of care and your lifestyle factors can have a severe impact on your brain health and can make it susceptible to a horde of mental illnesses and diseases, which eventually affect your quality of life. 
Therefore, You should aware of what you are doing wrong to maintain your brain health at optimum levels and stay safe from the numerous risks and threats. There are certain lifestyle factors that you have to be mindful of and the most notable ones are:

- Activity level and exercise 
Yes, you have heard it countless times; exercise is important, but another important fact you should know is that it ensures your physical and also your mental health. It can reduce muscle pain and also aid in treatment of various mental issues. There is no set level or duration of exercise you have to indulge in; just learn to get moving like taking your dog out for a walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevators, riding your bike to work in place of car and various others.

- Smoking 
Smokers are highly vulnerable to mental illnesses and quitting it can be extremely beneficial to your mental health. This is because cigarettes contain a plethora of toxins that contribute to mood problems and even physical health issues such as frequent colds, coughing, heart disease, emphysema and stroke. Also, you become dependent on cigarettes and this can affect your brain health adversely. 

- Addictions 
Addiction and dependence can be immensely destructive for your physical and mental health. People often get addicted to drugs and alcohol and other deadly substances. Likewise, if you suffer from porn addiction can also weaken your memory, thinking power and increase your dissatisfaction in life. It takes a toll on your relationships and your work performance, which leads to stress and further saps your brain power. 

- Abuse 
One of the biggest reasons why people develop mental health disorders is because of an unhealthy family environment. This includes any kind of abuse such as psychological, sexual and physical because it makes it practically impossible for you to achieve stable mental health. The problem is that the aftereffects of any kind of abuse can reverberate throughout your life and linger on for years. It leads to post-traumatic stress disorders that can render you incapable of functioning normally. The key is to remember that there is always a way out and you need to seek treatment immediately if you don’t want to suffer from the long-term consequences. 

Apart from that, you also need to manage your stress levels because they can take a toll on your mental health in the long run. As long as you remember that, you will be able to maintain your brain health in the best possible way.