You should take snore problem as serious issue because if you snore then your partner will affect. However make sure, you are on risk as due to this condition you should think about peaceful sleep. Snoring is like a warning sign which shows you suffer from main complications and problems. Actually, it will make some of existing people worse. Find below some health factors that snoring may aggravate or put you on risk.  

Snoring is actually a warning sign for fundamental cardiovascular pains and condition. If you snore, breathing stops abruptly and it makes blood pressure (BP) shoots-up.  Now oxygen level drops, so brain signals and vessels to stretched & tighten-up. It increases the oxygen’s flow to heart and brain to live. In bargain, pressure which rises in night normally, stays elevated in following days. A 10 years follow up study published in Journal that snoring is a risk factor that is also called independent factor for hypertension in men especially in old age people (50+). 

Snoring is causes that lead to type-II diabetes. Women are vulnerable to this. If your body wants oxygen, it goes into fight mode or flight that can increase tension or stress. It will raise your glucose level and other types of diabetes. As per studies by different people it is shown that snoring founds as risky factor especially for type-II so it must be taken as serious factor. 

Not at all, snoring will not make you overweight and if you snore and obese, it must be hazardous.   If you will add snoring, it increases chances of becoming a sugar patient. Now risk falls in 30-69 years of age. 

As per seniors it is suggested that snoring can increase stake’s risk. It is also suggested that in day time there are chances raised of getting stroke.   

Disturbed sleep has an effect on mental health. Thus it is not surprising to know that sleep apnoea snoring could become reason to increase symptoms of depression. Actually, if you will more study then you will know more facts about mental health. 
As you keep your partner awake in all night then due to loudness snore can backfire in morning and can make headache and spoils your whole day.  It is normal for snorers to suffer from headache, insomnia, migraine and psychological distress. 

you may suffer from acid reflux when you’re facing this problem on daily basis. If you are taking treatment then it would be good. Make sure, antacid is safe for daily routine.  

it part sound creepy however it is true. Oxygen deprivation is main factor that gives us a platform for cancer cells to grow in our body. It is also fact that low oxygen triggers development of blood vessels to compensate and reaching the cells and tissues. Tumor can grow. Thus you can follow tips to overcome these problems.