Safety needs to be considered when beginning the process of detox from addictive substances. There are serious risks and side effects from withdrawal off of drugs, whether they are used short or long term. Medical detox is a program that allows for a milder experience with withdrawal and the uncomfortable feelings that ridding the body of drugs can cause. 

You need to find a quality Texas drug detox program that will work with your individual situation to help bring lifetime healing from addiction. This is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your future and health. Below are a few of the specifics around medical detox and how it can benefit you, or a loved one in breaking free of substance abuse.

What is a medical drug detox?

A medical drug detox is a safer process of eliminating harmful and addictive drugs from the body while under the supervision of a knowledgeable medical staff. You will be able to gradually reduce the levels of drugs in your system to reduce the painful withdrawal symptoms associated with most cessations of addictive drugs. Your odds of continuing a successful addiction recovery are higher than using other methods of detox. Experienced professionals are available at all times to ensure you are not suffering abnormal health problems during withdrawal. 

Proper Evaluation

Medical detox begins with a thorough and proper evaluation of your overall health and extent of addiction. Each case must be handled individually. A physician and nurse will determine your health status and recommend the detox treatment that will work best for your particular condition. You are given the attention needed to determine the best course of action that will prove beneficial and safe to eliminate the drugs from your system. Everything is handled in a clinical and clean environment. 

Medical Assessment and Stabilization

Often the process of drug detox is hindered by multiple drug addictions, alcohol abuse, or existing mental disorders that require ongoing medication to treat. These complicated situations are best handled using a medical detox procedure. You can be monitored as all forms of drugs and alcohol are removed from the system and the mental illness can be treated simultaneously. Complete stabilization of health is the goal during the process. Constant monitoring allows for the control of side effects that cause many to quit detox programs. You are made as comfortable as possible from start to finish. 

Addiction Treatment Plans

The hope following a medical detox is that you partake in an addiction treatment plan. Detox is merely the beginning of the recovery journey. Protecting and maintaining sobriety will require finding the reasons you have turned to drugs in the first place. A lifetime recovery will require changes and ongoing therapy to stay clean. A plan can put in place that makes the process easier and works seamlessly from the point of detox. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms vary by person, drug and length of time you have been using. They can range from uncomfortable, but mild to extreme and severe. Medical detox can accommodate for the variances in individual experience and adjusted to help anyone through the process. Many drugs have side effects that can be life threatening, such as breathing difficulties, erratic heartbeats, and seizures. It is safer to detox from these substances using the assistance of qualified medical personnel. They will be able to properly monitor your condition throughout the detox program. The right medical intervention steps can be taken if there are problems. 

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

The medical evaluation will determine if you are eligible for outpatient services. It is hard to get enough free time to go through the medical detox process, but getting free of addictive substances should be a priority. There are times that after a short, intense detox, the remaining treatment can be completed on an outpatient basis. Others will do better utilizing inpatient services. You and your treatment team can discuss the best options for success. 

Risks of At-Home Detox

Attempting to detox from certain addictive drugs can be a dangerous proposition at home, without the ability for medical monitoring. Risks can be life-threatening in some instances. Make sure you discuss the risks with health professionals and seek the right treatment options for your health and well-being. You need the assistance of professionals with the experience to help detox your system safely. 

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