Harsh as it may sound, most careers do not encourage a good posture, save for a few careers such as dancing and serving in the military. A poor posture is one of the leading causes of body discomfort including constipation, high stress levels, neck, shoulder and lower back pains. In fact, the average American employee who spends much of his/her time sitting is said to slouch for about 40 minutes each passing hour. 

Perhaps this explains the increased number of people seeking medical attention due to minor health issues. It is therefore important to keep a good posture, which is to sit or stand while maintaining the shoulders and head back. Here are the five main health benefits of a good posture:

1. Better breathing

Sitting or standing in a poor posture can affect your breathing rhythm. As you hunch forward, you decrease the diaphragm and lungs space which consequently limits the space for expansion thus affecting your breathing. It follows that a good posture will eliminate the risk of developing such breathing problems. If your job compels you to remain seated for hours, experts recommend that you occasionally take a few minutes break from your desk to stretch your body. Also, always try to maintain a good posture as it allows free expansion and contraction of the diaphragm hence allowing you to inhale more oxygen.

2. Increased body efficiency

A poor body posture leads to decreased body efficiency when walking, and this increases the chances of injury. Conversely, a good posture increases your efficiency as you will be able to walk faster and complete tasks quickly. The good news is that there are many posture brace devices that can help you keep a good posture. One of the best products currently in the market is the smart back brace device. Be keen to check the product’s reviews online as this will help you learn the benefits of the device and how it works. There are a lot of smart back brace reviews online, you just need to find the right one which covers all of those points and all of your concerns.

3. You become strong

Besides enhancing efficiency, a better posture is a key ingredient of a strong body. When you sit or stand in a good posture you greatly reduce the chances of experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pains. Also, a good posture reduces the risk of diseases such as arthritis because a good posture is synonymous with low wear and tear of the body especially the joints.

4. A fit body

A better posture strengthens and straightens your core muscles. As a result, you will appear slender and tall which is the ideal body for many. If you want to look attractive and confident, then it would be wise to maintain a good posture.

5. Release of happy hormones

A better posture is said to trigger the release of hormones in your system that boost your mood. One such hormone is testosterone which is a happy hormone that automatically increases your confidence. The other hormone is cortisol which is also said to reduce stress levels.After reading this article, I believe you now understand the importance of maintaining a good posture. You may also want to avoid wearing high heeled shoes if you are a lady and carrying heavy objects in your backpack because these are some of the things that cause a poor posture.