Cloudnine fertility offers expertized consultants that deal with female and male reproductive systems and many disorders related to them. Andrology departments hold highly experienced urologists (considered counterpart of gynaecology) who are trained to treat urinary tract and adrenal gland dysfunctioning in both men and women. 

Both andrologists and urologists deal with the treatment of male fertility and sexuality conditions affecting proper sexual functioning. Peculiar male surgical procedures such as vasectomy, vasovasostomy, orchidopexy, and circumcision are generally applied in the treatment of male genital disorders, such as infertility, orchitis, penile fracture, erectile dysfunction, orchitis, testicular cancer, and micropenis disorders. Andrologists and urologist come from similar kind of specialisations without many intrinsic differences, except for the fact that urologists mainly deal with urinary tract or related problems in combination with fertility as well; while the andrologists are completely confined to the extensive and perfect treatment of disorders related to exclusively male reproductive organs. 

Patients are generally advised to visit a urologist if their physician suspects the existence of any medical conditions relating to kidneys, urinary bladder, or urinary tract. In men, penis, urination, prostate, seminal vesicles, and testes disorders are also treated. Urinary tract infections generally occur when the infectious bacteria migrate from digestive system to urethra, causing infrequent and uneven urination, chills, and fever. This kind of infections occur most commonly in women because of the weakening of muscles in the pelvic region post pregnancy. 

The following are the major kinds of disorders that can be treated by urologists: 

Male infertility: 
Generally happens because of reproductive system problems that usually arise due to varicoceles, which is a situation in which the vein beneath the penis enlarges, causing erectile dysfunctioning and other problems. In all these conditions, basic medication or necessary treatment or surgical surveillance is offered by specialist urologists. 

Kidney diseases or renal transplantation: 
Swelling of hands/legs as a result of kidney failure or a need to transplant it or treatment of improper functioning of kidneys can all be checked and diagnosed by Cloudnine specialists. 

Penile implants: 
Done by implanting a mechanical device in between the two corpora cavernosa of the penis. Prosthetic implantation surgery under the guidance of superior urologists can reduce the complication and offer higher satisfaction rates. 

Venous ligation and revascularization of the penis are microsurgical procedures, mostly opted by the patients instead of going for painful insertion procedures. Sexual counselling, hormonal replacement therapy, and oral medication are some ways adopted by the doctors from Andrology to treat impotency. urologists consider patients with physician recommendation and carry out the necessary preliminary imaging and ultrasound tests to locate the problematic area and pull out a sample from it to diagnose for further symptoms of infection or cancers. The treatment, either medical or surgical, depends on the diagnosis and patient's personal conditions such as health, age, and fitness. Generally, antibiotics for bacterial infections, well-established hormonal treatments, or chemotherapeutic drugs for cancer are recommended. Surgery can also be performed in certain situations to remove a part of kidney or transplant it as a whole or to removes stones. 

Getting the help of specialized, well-established hospitals such as Cloudnine values the privacy of the patients during consultation and support in providing the perfect solution to any kind of disorder.