Pregnancy gives new meaning and brings out immense joy and excitement into a woman’s life. No doubt that the feeling of holding your little one in your arms is incredible. Pregnant women are blessed ones, as their little ones grow inside them. But with blessings comes great responsibilities and certain risks. 

Women need to be particularly cautious if it is a high-risk pregnancy that can be fatal for the mother’s as well as the fetus’s life. There are various reasons which can create complications even before conceiving. These factors are listed below. 

Pre-Pregnancy Risk Factors Cardiovascular diseases: 

If a woman is already suffering from heart diseases, her life can be at peril, as pregnancy would put extra pressure on her heart. 


Obesity can cause many health problems such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, preeclampsia, and neural tube defects. In fact, it also puts the life of infants at risk, as their chances of heart problems at birth increases. 

High blood pressure: 

It is not very perilous, but sometimes it can cause major health problems for the mother as well as the baby. One should always consult high-risk ob-gyn before taking any medication. Also, BP needs to be strictly monitored throughout. There are many factors that can cause high BP, such as obesity, laziness, smoking, consuming alcohol, age (35+), carrying multiple children, and hereditary factors. 

Sexually transmitted diseases: 

Diseases such as Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhoea, and HIV can pass onto the baby as well and pose a serious threat in future. 


Teen pregnancy and women above 35 years of age are at a higher risk of getting preeclampsia and gestational high blood pressure. 


Both under- and overactive thyroid can create a lot of problems during pregnancy if proper medication is not taken. In severe cases, it may lead to miscarriage, low birth weight, preeclampsia, and baby’s delivery before the due date. 


Diabetes also requires proper medication; otherwise, one can be at a risk of having birth defects, high baby weight, and high blood pressure. Baby may also face problems such as jaundice, low breathing, or low glucose levels. There are certain risks that can be serious during pregnancy, and they are as follows:

Risk Factors during Pregnancy 


Sometimes the pressure of becoming a mother takes a toll on a woman’s mental health. It needs to be treated properly. Certain medications for treating depression need to be dealt with care, as they have severe side effects. 

Gestational diabetes: 

It is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and can be controlled with the help of medicines. If not treated, it may put one at the risk of preterm birth, preeclampsia, or high blood pressure. 

Multiple births: 

If a woman carries more than one fetus, she needs to be extra cautious, as it may cause premature labour or preterm birth. 


It is a grave situation and develops in the later stages of pregnancy, in which the mother develops high blood pressure and protein leaks in urine. It’s only remedy is that the baby might have to be delivered early. 

If a woman is facing any of the above-mentioned risks, she can still deliver a normal baby under normal circumstances. All she needs to do is consult a good high risk obgyn and follow his/her advice religiously.