Platelets are the important constituents of blood which are the reason behind clotting of the blood. Blood clotting is an impending phenomenon at the timing bleeding by an injury. Losing the count of platelets is a rare disorder unless you have blood disorders like leukemia, anemia, etc. 

There are few other critical causes of low blood platelets which are difficult to resolve. Follow the page for additional information on how to increase blood platelets along with the knowledge of their causes and symptoms.

Causes of low blood platelets:
Lack of vitamins and sufficient nutrition may bring down the platelet count. The general lifespan of platelets in blood is 5 to 9 days. With a lower intake of food and malnutrition, there is a large possibility of fallout.
Cancerous cells, spleen problems, and liver diseases fight the platelets and kill them. Thus, cancer and spleen problems are said to be the major symptoms of low blood platelets.
Autoimmune disease a big threat to blood cells. The characteristic of this problem is killing itself and destroying the entire system.
Negative reaction to medicine and herbs may lead to damage of blood cells. This may be the rapid cause of low blood platelets. Chemotherapy shows this problem heavier than any medication.
Infections from viruses, bacteria, exposure to the toxic environment, smoking, and alcohol consumption are some severe causes of low blood platelets.

Some of the symptoms of low blood platelets include:

Instantaneous bleeding from nose and mouth gums
Continuous bleeding from wounds and cuts
Excessive menstrual bleeding, also pregnant women usually produce blood platelets at slow pace
Consistent fever condition with severe body weakness(usually a viral fever)
Malaise, fatigue and general weakness are said to be some other symptoms of low blood platelets.

All the above symptoms include bleeding which indirectly means that blood is unable to get clotted. Without clotting, we may lose blood more which is life-threatening. Therefore, it is always a serious disorder which should be dealt with doctors, not just through home remedies. But the role of home remedies shows up at a level where the count doesn’t fall below 1 lakh per microliter. Also with a lesser count, we will be treated by food habits along with the doctor’s supervision. 

So, we should never neglect the immense role of food and diet habits regarding our health concern whatever may be disease, how severe may it be.

Some Natural Ways to improve blood platelets:

As you have seen the typical causes of low blood platelets, the best ways to increase blood platelets are found from the same list.
Diet plays a crucial role in treatment for low blood platelets. It is because our blood is formed entirely from the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe. 
Maintain diet properly as your body needs, not always as your taste wants. It might hurt at first, but it can change your taste into healthy foods later on.
Reduce sugary foods and eliminate alcohol and smoking immediately when you observe the mentioned symptoms of low blood platelets.
Beware of painkillers and supplements induced with chemicals. 
Treat wounds and infections naturally without much usage of physiological treatments. 
Exercise well and drink good amounts of water daily.

Foods to Increase Blood Platelets:

There are plenty of foods that promote our blood health; we shall find some of the best foods to increase blood platelets. 

As every suggested food in the list works in the treatment for low blood platelets, we briefly discuss the benefits of fruits and vegetables for health at one go.

Fruits and Vegetables

1. Papaya works best for platelet treatment. Have a glass of papaya juice daily 2 to 3 times to see improvement in just a couple of days. Juice made from papaya leaves also gives excellent results except that it tastes bitter. Add lemon juice a pinch in both the drinks for fast treatment. Kiwifruit is equally effective for platelet treatment besides papaya leaves.

2. Pomegranate is the first mentioned in natural ways to increase blood platelets. It strengthens the body with abundant iron and vitamins. It shows faster results in improving blood health.

3. Pumpkin juice is rich in vitamin A. Have it mixed with honey, and make a smoothie. It is also known for the instant results.

4. Amla additionally gives strength to the immune system. Have a couple of amla fruits by raw early in the morning with empty stomach. Amla juice benefits are primarily from blood health, a pickle also is healthy and works well to increase blood platelets. 

5. Raisins, known for a vast number of health purposes, work well for blood health too. Have an oatmeal mixed with raisins, with yogurt if you want.

6. Beetroot is an instant need for low blood platelet count. Add few carrot pieces to the salad of beetroot during consumption. Any of the beetroot juice or soup or raw consumption works well for the treatment.

7. Leafy green vegetables give plenty of protein and vitamins. It is more helpful for women as they face menstrual disorders due to low platelet count which is the most severe case of all. Spinach, kale, fenugreek and their juices are simplest suggestions for what to eat to increase blood platelets.

Nuts and Seeds

Having almonds or walnuts, or any other healthy nuts boost our health enormously. Add the powder of nuts or directly them into boiled milk for a brief time. It adds strength and immunity to the system. They give high vitamins B and K and calcium minerals which is the most natural way to increase blood platelets. Nuts improve your blood health in a week time with extreme natural treatment.

Fish and Meat

Any meat with lean protein is helpful for increasing blood platelets. Meat which contains zinc is useful for boosting the immune system. They include chicken, turkey, crab, beef, etc. They also have rich B12 vitamin to improve blood health.

Some Other Nutritious Foods

Foods like garlic, beans, milk, flaxseeds, sesame oil, strawberry fruit, tomato, oyster, celery, egg yolk, and wheatgrass contain immense useful content for the growth of blood platelets.

Though we presented just 4 types of foods to increase blood platelets, the list in each category covers numerous foods which give many other health benefits too.