There’s no denying that everyone loves the traditional way of making pasta but what if we tell you that there is a much healthier and time-efficient way to get those long curls and swirls that has caught our attention? You can now spiralize your vegetables and fruits with a spiralizer that helps your culinary creativity flow and also offers you a decent meal rich in essential nutrients and taste.

What does a spiralizer do? It is basically a kitchen tool that possesses the ability to transform fresh vegetables into colorful ribbons, twirls and spirals a fast yet effective way.

The dishes you can prepare using a spiralizer

There are a variety of dishes you can make with the help of a spiralizer. Some of them include:

Noodles/Spaghetti: Everyone loves noodles and what better way than to substitute the traditional noodles with vegetable ones? Spiralized veggies will never taste better while having a texture similar to regular noodles.

Rice: Placing your spiralized veggies into a food processor can help you make rice out of vegetables. Yes, you heard right, and you will love the way this ‘rice’ can bring fun back into your monotonous meals.

Buns: Form your favorite vegetable spirals into a patty and then cover it with delicious toppings like low-fat grated cheese, olives, and low-fat mayonnaise to make it a bun rather than using processed bread. 

Salads: You can ditch the regular boring salads and try out spiralized cucumbers, zucchini, beets and carrots to spice up your everyday salads.

Pizza: Yes, you heard that right. By simply taking the spiralized veggies and forming it into a bigger version of the bun you can wave goodbye to processed pizza and welcome the healthy pizza. You can make the crust by using spiralized noodles. 

The Types of Spiralizers
There are two types of spiralizers: Manual and Electric. Here are the differences between the two.

Manual Spiralizers
Manual spiralizers function by hand.
You need to hold the vegetable in one hand so that you can push it down the chute while the other hand cranks the spiralizer handle so that vegetables are spiralized through the cutting blade.
It all depends on how well you crank the handle.

Electric Spiralizers
Electric spiralizers do not require you to use your hand and so offers a more effortless way to carry out the spiralizing process.
The motor and blades do the work for you while all you have to do is see that the vegetable is kept in place and fits the chute perfectly.
You do not have to churn the vegetables out manually.

Is an electric spiralizer more efficient and convenient?

Since an electric spiralizer makes use of a motor, it is time saving and offers consistent results. It also offers the following benefits:

You don’t have to wait too long for the food: Preparing pasta the conventional way can be fulfilling, but is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. If you are someone who is always busy, an electric spiralizer helps you save up on those precious minutes and even serves up a nutritious meal.
Stress-free and effective cooking: Manual spiralizers take a lot of time. On the other hand, an electric spiralizer saves you from exerting any extra effort and offers professional-looking food every time.
Children will love it: Getting your children to eat their vegetables can be hard, but not when you have a spiralizer that will leave kids in wonder at the spirals and twirls of the vegetables.
Healthy food always: Since it is quick and efficient, you can put a stop to takeout food and other packaged food items. Within minutes, you will have a nutritious and wholesome meal your body will be grateful to you for.  

Spiralizers: A Healthy Food Option

Spiralizers are a healthy choice when it comes to your dietary requirements because:

Vegetables are replete with vital nutrients to ensure body systems work optimally.
Helps detoxify your body and keeps you hydrated.
Improves digestion and ups your immune system strength.
Keeps you energized and improves metabolism levels.
Offers delicious and appetizing meals.
Gives vegetables a tasty appeal, making you increase your intake.

Spiralizing your food is always a good idea and for those with a creative edge, it certainly helps to invent and reinvent amazing meals owing to the vegetables and their different textures, colors and flavors. It offers quick and easy dishes and so is perfect for your 21st century fast-paced life.