A cough is not an ailment; it is our natural reflex to theaccumulation of dust in the respiratory tract, just like the way we shiver to extreme cold and sweat to extreme hotness. Irritant stuff like cigarette smoke, allergens, mucus, and dust should be expelled from the body, which is naturally carried out by the action of coughing up phlegm.

But what do I have to say for the people who are suffering from apersistent cough? There is a subtle answer to this. When the body fails to produce sweating, it mostly means we lack theamount of water in the body. Similarly, when we inhale polluted content through our nose and mouth when our body gets too much of phlegm, it leads to excessive coughing, which is the point to be discussed. To add to this, people often seem to undergo irritating continuous dry cough, which is even worse.

Chronic Cough Causes:

The dry cough causes are a bit particular, not just as that of wet cough causes.
•    Overexposure to theill-healthy environment may causea cough with mucus and phlegm. If you could not stop coughing due to irresistibility, i.e. weak immune strength, it turns out to become a dry cough.
•    Asthma, lung infection, TB, and other flu may leave you into aconstant dry cough as a meantime side effect.
•    Other simultaneous dry cough symptoms include a sore throat, chest pain, congestion, etc.
•    Surprisingly, smokers are the top victims of chronic dry cough. Even if you do not smoke, the exposure to cigarette’s smoke leads to major problems, in which a dry cough is a primary one.
•    Dry cough symptoms when ignored leads to a starting of many harmful diseases if you are a person with weak immune system.
•    An irritating deep cough or chronic dry cough may be a primary symptom of any large, life-threatening disease. That might be cancer in lungs, throat, or any severe infection in therespiratory tract.

Not just these, also any unexpected weather change, respiratory problems, fever caused due to viruses, changes in food habits which do not cope with your metabolism quickly may also lead to a persistent dry cough, a severe cough at times.

Treatment for A cough:

An introduction to dry cough symptoms and causes of chronic cough might have shaken you with possible hazardous consequences. But at an early stage or with the problem of a dry cough alone, cure for adry cough is dead simple. There are plenty of gifts from nature which prevent the severe disorders in the body with great potentiality. We only present you such beautiful natural products as how to use them for cough treatment.

Home Remedies for Dry Cough:

1.    Honey and Milk
A persistent coughhas perfect treatment with honey. The after effects of a constant cough are severe at times. With honey added with milk, it can cure such dangers in advance.

Add a pinch of turmeric for more benefits. This home remedyis rich with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

2.    Lemon
It’s all good with the citrus fruits. Just that lemon is very much available to all, but every citrus fruit gives you enormous health benefits. All of them also work well for dry cough treatment.

With lemon, there are plenty of applications for multiple purposes.

Make a dry cough syrup with lemon and honey in 1:2 amounts, have it daily after each meal.

Adding spices or herbs like parsley, cloves, cayenne to lemon juice will help a lot for curing chronic cough.

3.    Ginger and Garlic
The one who is not aware of the beauty of ginger-garlic mixture in foods can be easily said to have not tasted any of the wondersof thefood world.

Have ginger water, made with ginger alone, almost 3-4 times a day. Adding lemon juice can pitch in anti-inflammatory benefits. Or put a piece of ginger root in your mouth and chew it for a couple of hours.

Add honey to crushed garlic cloves. This will clear toxins and also relieves oxidative stress. Having both ginger and garlic gives an impressivecure for dry cough.

4.    Turmeric
Turmeric is the most valuable herb used for health purposes. And dry cough is in the pack of turmeric health benefits. It can bring the best metabolic strength of the body into action by its cleansing properties. It is also rich with antioxidant, antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial properties, which also add up to put a potential stop to dry cough.

You can add any herbal ingredient to turmeric in foods or any specialremedies for cough. Black pepper, honey are the regular additives in natural cough suppressants. Add honey to turmeric with water, have that drink twice a day. It is the simplest and best dry cough medicine.

5.    Almonds
Along with simple dry cough, the severe threat of diseases and infections with dry coughcan be best cured by almonds.Have a handful of almonds daily in the morning which are soaked overnight. Do not peel off the skin of almonds, which makes you lose lots of fiber.

With almonds, you will not just be benefited with dry cough treatment, but also prevent infections in advance as you consume them with anempty stomach.

Tips for cough relief:

1.    Gargle with warm water every morning. Take a pinch of turmeric in water for best cough treatment.
2.    Sleeping Postures also are important if you have asensitive respiratory system. Keep your head always elevated with the help of a pillow. Sleep turning to theleft of your body if you want to turn at all.
3.    Steam water gets you best cough relief than any other medicine for dry cough. It cleans the respiratory tract and helps in easy breathing.
4.    Have Warm beverages and Detox Teas instead of caffeinated drinks. Warm beverages include any organic drink taken with hot water. Warmness is the primary step for detoxification.