There are so many studies that claim marijuana makes you dumb, yet there are other studies that prove it has no negative health effects. Whether you’re an avid week smoker or you only dabble in it every now and then, there are plenty of factors you need to know. 

For instance, did you know that using a desktop vaporizer instead of smoking weed actually offers health benefits? Take a look at what you can expect if you opt to vape your weed instead of inhale it through smoking.

Image: flickr

Less Toxins

Marijuana doesn’t contain any harmful toxins, which means that smoking it doesn’t lead to lung cancer or anything similar to the disadvantages of smoking cigarettes. However, toxic by-products can be emitted due to the combustion of smoke, and these can cause some detrimental effects. However, if you opt to use a vaporizer instead of smoking your weed, you will get a better product because vaping produces 95% less smoke and carcinogens. So when you want a healthier intake, you’re better off opting for the vaporizer.

Less Smoke

When you smoke weed through a blunt or rolling papers, you’ll have a generous amount of smoke. In addition, it takes longer to absorb the THC, so you’ll need to take deeper breaths, and this means that tar and other toxins can do more harm to your body. However, vaping lets you absorb 95 percent of the THC in the first few inhales, which means you don’t have to take in as may breaths or puffs. Plus, you’ll get less smoke through vaping, which means you won’t be surrounded by your usual cloud of smoke.

Better Pain Relief

Did you know that weed is a well-known pain reliever? This is why doctors prescribe it to those undergoing chemotherapy. That’s because weed contains canniboids, and these are known to reduce pain. When vaping, you’ll have instant access to those canniboids, so you’ll be able to endure pain relief more quickly than if you smoke weed for pain. No matter if it’s something you just dabble in or if you  have a doctor’s okay to do so, opt for vaping instead of smoking when it comes to reaping the pain relief benefits.

Less Respiratory Issues

Although weed doesn’t create the same type of effects as smoking, some people who smoke weed on a regular basis do experience respiratory issues. However, when you opt for a vaporizer instead, you will not have the same type of respiratory issues. In fact, a study by Leaf Science found that vaping may actually reduce the effects of smoking, so you can improve your respiratory health by opting for the vape instead.

Safer Burn

Whenever you’re dealing with joints, vapes, or weed in general, it’s important to remember that this needs to be heated to get the full effect. When you use a joint, you could see an end that burns at more than 2,000 degrees. However, when you vape, you can hit the most effective temperature at 338 degrees, which makes vaping a safer burn.

It’s important to remember that smoking weed is considered illegal in most states, unless you have a license. Never participate in any illegal activity. However, should you have your doctor’s blessing to indulge in a little cannabis, then be sure you opt for the vaporizer over the traditional weed-smoking methods to reap all the benefits.