These days, most of the people are struggling a lot with diabetics. Nearly 415 million people, now have diabetes around the world. The facts and figures have stated that among 1 in 10 people will have this problem, by 2040. In general, this number is quite shocking, but surprisingly now the condition have become very much treatable and curable, with our traditional methods.

Alongside with the changes in diet and with regular physical exercise, Grocare India have proved that diabetes is treatable with 100% natural remedies. Here, we have intended to confer, what diabetes is and the certain ayurvedic medicine for diabetes that are available in Ayurveda. Well, firstly we shall find the answers for the following questions, which are raised constantly.

What is diabetes?

A group of factors that involves a problem with insulin hormone, causes the diabetes. In general, pancreas is responsible to release the insulin, to remove the excessive quantity of sugar and fat, stored in our body that is obtained from the intake of the foods, from our daily diet. In case, if the pancreas doesn’t produce enough of the insulin, then it indicates the initial stage of diabetes (prediabetes).

Thus, with no proper counteracting process of the glucose, within the body will definitely pave way to various problems, primarily causing the diabetes, because the glucose is the main source of energy for the proper of our brain functioning and various other physical activities, by boosting the cells, muscles and tissues.

It doesn’t matter, what kind of diabetes you are affected with, only thing you must have in your mind is; your blood obviously contains a lot of glucose. This eventually leads to the cause, for serious health hazard.  Normally, we can see two types of chronic diabetes, which are the Type 1 (most common form seen in children) and Type 2 diabetes (most common form seen in adults).

Prediabetes and gestational diabetes are the other types of diabetes, which are also quietly seen widely. Prediabetes occurs when your blood sugar levels are high, but not in enough amounts to be considered as diabetes. But, the gestational diabetes happens during the pregnancy times. But it is certainly temporary, while after the baby is born, the body usually returns back to the normal state.

Diabetes Treatments

Treating diabetes traditionally depends upon the type of diabetes that we have. Whatever be the mode of treatment, don’t worry about the stage of the diabetes, only thing you must be sure is to maintain your weight in a healthy scale and to have the regular habit of exercising, which are very much necessary to keep the diabetes level, in control.

Side-Effects of Modern Day Medicines

To control the blood sugar level, taking insulin, and oral medications are prescribed in the modern day treatments. However, it’s not sure, whether it will completely cure the diabetes, moreover it may also cause some side effects, such as
•    Skin rash
•    Stomach upset
•    Weight gain
•    Fatigue
•    Gastric problem
•    Bloating
•    Diarrhea
•    Swelling of the legs or ankles

Ayurvedic Treatment with Grocare - For Diabetes

Grocare provides a 100% natural and chemical-free treatment for diabetes in the Ayurvedic methods. With this FDA-approved treatment, we can avail an effective treatment and possible cure for prediabetes, diabetes, and insulin resistance. Here, two medicines are used to control the metabolism of blood sugar level one is ACIDIM and the other one is DIADOMA.

Diadoma works by removing excess of build-up acids in our body, and helps to stimulate the liver, pancreas and kidneys; while the Acidim, has its action on bring back the pH levels in control. Therefore, both together forms an extraordinary repellent or healer for the diabetes, by correcting the imbalanced pH, and rejuvenating the vital internal organs.