Recent studies suggest that 70% of US adults have suffered eye strain through the use of computer screens and digital devices. This has created awareness of the issues of eye strain, and associated health issues, and of the importance of having regular checkups for your eyes.

While people are happy to have their eyes examined when they have concerns about their vision, having your eyes examined is one of the best medical check-ups you can have. Eye care is very important because they are prone to disease and are impacted by ailments in your body. As your eyes can be easily examined, medical professionals can discover issues in your body in a quick and simple manner.

Some of the most common eye problems people suffer from includes:

    Blurry vision

    Burning or itchy eyes

    Color blindness

    Double vision

    Red eyes

While many eye issues are a discomfort and annoying, they often resolve themselves quickly. This means some people a will not take eye problems or issues seriously. This would be a mistake because many serious health issues, not necessarily related to the eyes, can be uncovered by medical professionals examining people’s eyes.


A cataract is when there is a clouding of the lens on the inside of the eye and it is most commonly associated with the elderly. However, when a younger person suffers from cataracts, it may point to a number of serious health concerns. A cataract could be an indicator of diabetes, of a tumor or of a side effect from taking medication. In fact, according to United Healthcare, diabetes is the medical condition most commonly found during an eye test.

Anyone who has a cataract should have it reviewed by a specialist but it should also be a sign for the person to have their general health checked by a doctor. With respect to resolving the issue of a cataract, laser eye treatment offers an effective solution. If you have suffered from a cataract, you can get perfect vision by meeting with a laser eye treatment specialist and following their advice.

Sores and loss of eyelashes

If you experience a sore around the eyes or you lose your eyelashes, it may be a basal cell carcinoma. This style of skin cancer isn’t usually too dangerous but it can cause many problems. It may cause a level of disfigurement, it could lead to blindness and if the skin cancer spreads to the brain, making its way via the eye socket, it can be fatal. If you notice any disfigurement or unusual marking around the eye, it is essential to have it examined.

Droopy eyes

If both of your eyes are dropping at the same time, there is no genuine health concern. However, if only one eye is drooping, you should seek medical advice as quickly as possible. This is because a single eye drooping could be an indicator of aneurysms and tumors.

While philosophers say that eyes are the window to the soul, they are also an indicator of your overall health. This is why it is vital to have your eyes examined on a regular basis.