Nootropics are basically supplements, whose main job is to boost the power our brains possess in a tremendously wonderful manner. For this very reason, many of the genuine nootropics out there are given the name brain boosters, because that is exactly what they are, as reported by citicoline reviews.

Now coming to the most complicated part, how to choose the perfect nootropic to increase brain function. The list below contains the supplements in pill, capsule, or powder form. You can also take a nootropic Xite 5 pack energy drink for a delicious on-the-go drink. We have provided a list of top 5 nootropics that have captured the market in 2016. So read on to find out more.


TruBrain is a wonderful approach towards using a supplement for boosting brain function. It is popularly known as a THINK DRINK, which means that no user will have to face the discomfort of swallowing a pill or a capsule. They can drink all their problems away. TruBrain has proven itself to be one of the top game changers in the market, with the inherent ability to reduce brain burnout, irritability, and crashes, and increase focus and concentration.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro constitutes of a smart formula that is sure to increase and improve mental performance or brain function. In many ways, Mind Lab Pro is “smarter than the average bear” owing to the sheer number of potent and great brain function boosting ingredients it contains. Mind Lab Pro comes with a total of 11 brain boosting ingredients, and all these ingredients have been tested to have a positive effect on one’s brain. This puts Mind Lab way ahead in the game above everyone else. It is one of the finest smart drugs for boosting brain functions.


Ciltep is one of the finest herbal remedies that can assist you in boosting brain functions. Although the WADA has several safety regulations when it comes to the selling and distribution of herbal drugs, Ciltep is one such player which has the green signal from WADA to help all those in dire need of improved brain function. The prime ingredients of Ciltep are Coleus Forskohli and Artichoke, which provide a long term boosted effect to the brain, that also promotes cell regeneration and sustenance of proper mental health. Dopamine and acetylcholine levels are also greatly boosted by Ciltep.

Neuro Optimizer

Brain function boosting is a different story, but with age, the requirement to take care of our brain also increases. That is where Neuro Optimizer comes into the picture. It is a very good option for improving brain health. With its 7 tested ingredients, Neuro Optimizer can perform the following functions:

•    Give a boost to mental performance and brain function
•    Replenish the energy levels of the brain
•    Provide long term protection to the brain

As per studies, and based on the above given information, it can be safely said that Neuro Optimizer is perfect for individuals belonging to the age group of 40 and above.


The name might sound funny, but the supplement means business. Nootroo comes with a mixture of Phenylpiracetam and Noopept, combined with L-theanine and caffeine. But besides these, the one prime ingredient everyone is talking about is Cognizin, that helps to improve brain function almost instantaneously.