So, you’ve heard of probiotics, right – those supplements you take that contain nutrients to improve your gut flora? That’s right; those things people take when they’reon a health kick. The sort of people who are determined to be as healthy as possible. Those people, right?

Well, wait just a minute, because if you’re suffering from a stomach or gastrointestinal disorder (and every person from every walk of life gets them), probiotics can be a great help. All probiotics? Well, some are better than others (more on that later), but let’s take a look at the kinds of condition that probiotic supplements can lend you a big hand with…

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This condition – offered abbreviated to IBS – is very common and, in its way, something of a catch-all term. Its symptoms include the likesof constipation, gut pain and cramps, bloating and diarrhoea; more specific issues associated with it can be fluctuating food intolerances, poor absorption of nutrients and even skin problems. It’s called ‘irritable’ for a good reason – as its symptoms have a habit of coming and going.
IBS also tends to afflict more women than men – research suggests up to twice the number1, in fact – while one in five of both sexes suffer from it1. Understandably, given its chronic nature, it’s often connected to stress and anxiety as well.

So how can probiotics help sufferers with IBS? Well, reliable, quality probiotics work to repopulate beneficial gut bacteria. Why is this a potential game-changer? Because a naturalised balance of the ‘good’ bacteria (whose numbers are boosted by probiotics) and the ‘bad’ infecting probiotics helps with digestion and absorbing all-important nutrients for your digestive symptom and practically every other part of your body, thus contributing to reducing stress  and anxiety levels as well as improving immunity.

Gut health and immunity

Speaking of immunity, there’s no doubt that it’s connected with gut health. When your gastrointestinal health is not as it should be, the immune system will itself be hit and weakened. Indeed, one such gut problem that can reduce your immunity is ‘leaky gut’ (when toxins and germs pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream1). The effect of this? It makes you more proneto viruses and infections taking root in your body and developing into coughs, colds, influenza and, yes, gut problems.

Low levels of immunity (or an immunity level that ought to concern you) often manifests itself through slow-healing wounds, intolerances, several allergies and fatigue or low energy.

Yeast infections and candida

Finally, it’s worth talking about yeast infections – and, in particular, those of candida albicans.It’s entirely natural for candida to be located in the upper bowel, where it’s harmless unless it grows to such an extent that the efficacy of your body’s functions are jeopardised by its presence. Again, if your digestive or immune systems are compromised, candida growth can exceed acceptable levels.

Like other yeast infections – and, indeed, other intestinal disorders – prevention of candida overgrowth is highly advised; particularly through good diet practices. So this means limiting the likes of processed, fatty, sugary, fermented and fungus-based food and drinks you consume.

Recommended probiotic supplements

And, as with IBS and other gut health issues, probiotic supplements are also a highly recommended way of tackling the harm candida/ yeast infections do to your digestive system and other parts of your body. Why not take a closer look at these probiotics, both of which come highly recommended in specifically targeting these issues and are available through The Finchley Clinic…?

•    Threelac (60 sachets or 120 capsules) – should you buy Threelac, it may well help as it contains Bacillus coagulans (a probiotic organism that may help solve occasional digestion and stomach issues), Bacillus subtilis (may aid removal of bad flora from the intestines) and Enterococcus faecalis (a major lactic acid bacteria group genus that’s extremely good for the gut)

•    Active Digestive Enzymes (90 capsules) –great for sufferers of IBS, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, gas, heart burn and lactose intolerance; nicely complements Threelac.