Our diets. The one thing in life that feels utterly impossible to get right! While it can be difficult, it’s not impossible - it just takes a quick bit of resourceful thinking.

No matter how solid you believe your food intake is, there are always areas to improve. The following post will highlight several of these areas, and offer you some diet-cleansing advice. Maybe there’s something you missed?

Swap fruit juice for actual fruit

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Fruit juice is nice if you want a quick, refreshing drink, but it could do more harm than good. The juice of the fruit itself contains more than double the amount of sugar that’s in the actual fruit. Swapping apple juice for an apple, orange juice for an orange and grape juice for some grapes can drastically lower your sugar intake.

This has several benefits, one of which is that you’ll care for your teeth even more. Your body won’t be relying on these sugary drinks for its source of energy, which is great. There’s less sugar to be stored as fat too, and your whole diet could see a lift.

Healthy food on your doorstep

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Food shopping can be tough, especially if you’re of an older age. You may not even be able to go shopping yourself! It can also be difficult to come up with a solid diet plan, irrespective of age. You may want to balloon up or shrink down, and your food will dictate this.

A home food source, such as Nutrifit's healthy meal delivery service, can combine both of these in one go. As long as you combine a good diet with proper water intake, plenty of sleep and a lot of exercise, you’ll achieve your dream body goal in no time!

Dark chocolate over milk chocolate

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It goes without saying that dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, and do they really taste all that different? Some would argue yes, and others would argue no. This aside, if you’re looking to improve your diet fast, the fixes don’t come any quicker than this.

Dark chocolate contains about half as much sugar as milk chocolate - and less milk! This means you’re consuming less fat, but you still get to indulge yourself in a tasty treat. Dark chocolate is also purported to have other health benefits, such as preventing artery clogging. It doesn’t get any more beneficial than this.

Choose a smaller plate

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A smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more, because it will be easier to fill up said plate. In reality, your portion size has taken a cut, but you still get to consume a hearty meal. If you’re looking to slash your weight, reduce fat intake or just eat a lot less, head down to your homeware store and invest in some new china! That is, if you don’t have the right sizes already.

Cook all your meals

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Processed foods, tinned foods and takeaway foods all have one thing in common; they’re usually full of rubbish. Saturated fats, preservatives and a lot of salt are usually the main culprits, and your body would be better off without them.

So, instead of calling for a pizza, cook all your meals! You can use fresh ingredients to ensure you’re getting the best possible nutritional value. You’ll also gain a valuable life skill which can be passed down to your children, and you can make the whole home a lot healthier. Not just yourself!