Managing the pain that comes with arthritis can seem impossible without taking lots of man-made drugs. However, a massive intake of painkillers could damage other parts of your body like the liver. With that in mind, we performed some research into the subject and discovered many people handle the pain without medication.

So, we thought the rest of our readers might benefit from learning about their techniques. Sometimes you just need to alter your routine and use some common sense to avoid the pills. We recommend that you try these ideas if you feel discomfort, and then attempt to reduce your consumption of chemicals.

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Take a warm bath when you wake up

Lots of people say the pain from their arthritis is worse after being in bed for a few hours. Indeed, that’s why most of them take too many painkillers before closing their eyes. Many of them claim that taking a warm bath for an hour when they wake up can help to relieve the symptoms. The condition often makes patients feel as though their joints are cold and stiff. Warm water, therefore, is the perfect solution. It will heat the joints and take away some of the aches you feel. It could also help to loosen them and give you more flexibility during the daytime. You can repeat the process before getting into bed if you think it will help.

Make good use of hot water bottles

Hot water bottles help arthritis pain in the same way as getting in the bath. However, you can use them anywhere in the world, and so they’re a little more mobile. People with serious arthritic pain will find it impossible to hold down a job. The discomfort is too much for them to perform heavy lifting, and sitting for any period just makes things worse. Even so, many patients claim that holding a hot water bottle to the affected area offers some relief. That is especially the case when they have arthritis in their shoulders or hips. So, try it out next time the pain becomes too severe to handle. It’s got to be a better idea than taking lots of drugs.

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Try holistic joint therapies

For the best join therapies, you’ll need to find a respected orthopedic surgeon. Those specialists offer a broad range of different services, and they don’t all involve cutting you open. In most instances, the experts report that physiotherapy is often the best treatment for people with arthritis. You should try it out as soon as possible and assess the results. Also, it’s wise to build a good relationship with the surgeon now because you might need more advanced treatments in the future. If you ever have to let someone replace one of your joints, you’ll feel more comfortable if you know the individual well.

Arthritis is a terrible condition that manifests for a broad range of different reasons. It’s often impossible to pinpoint why the pain has become so bad for you. Sometimes painkillers are the only way to live a healthy life. However, you should always look for alternatives because of the damage those drugs can cause to your body. If you discover that nothing else eases your pain - then take as many as you need. Nobody wants to live in agony.