Nowadays, we pay a lot more attention to how we treat all those little afflictions in our lives. We don’t want to just know that something will be effective in treatment. We also want to know what kind of effect it will have on the rest of us.

People are growing more mindful about what they put in and on their body. Because of that, we tend to look for treatments we can do ourselves, using only natural methods. In that spirit, we’ve compiled some health hacks for fourteen of the most common health woes. If you’re a DIY sort of person when it comes to your health, we may have the answer you’re looking for.

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Green tea

So, not so much a health woe, but a superfood that actually works. Green tea is recommended for so many things because it has so many benefits. For one, it is loaded with antioxidants, which prevent cells and molecules from suffering damage. This is good for fighting aging as well as certain diseases. It also works as an active stimulant, but without the levels of caffeine that coffee has. Green tea can be the solution to perking you up when you need that boost for work. It just doesn’t give you the same jitteriness as more caffeinated drinks.


Aging is something that we all visibly suffer, so it’s no surprise that we devote so much attention to beating it. The good news is that looking for ingredients like vitamin K and omega acids in your foods is a sustainable way of keeping your skin young for longer. There are also masks you can make yourself, using simple ingredients like oats and lemon juice. The Alternative Daily has details on how these ingredients can shave years off.

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If you suffer from brittle or dry hair, you know well yourself that it can be a delicate process managing it. Some conditioners might work well for a while, but then stop. Try using natural conditioners you can make yourself. Apple vinegar doesn’t smell great, but it balances the pH levels in your hair. All this without leaving your scalp irritated or suffocated by waxy residue like a lot of conventional conditioners can do.


We all want to take care of our teeth, because feeling unconfident in our smile can make us feel more unconfident, period. Brushing, flossing and mouthwash are a must for good oral hygiene. But what natural remedy can help push the odds further in your favour? Cloves are great for bad breath, but for your teeth and gums health, try gum. Sugar free gum, to be precise. The production of saliva that gum offers is great for flooding your mouth with antibacterial properties. Some sugar free gum also contains xylitol, which compounds this effect.

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Our health niggles aren’t only skin deep. There are also mental issues that a lot of us struggle with, whether we know it or not. Stress is perhaps the most common one. Sometimes it has a big effect on us, sometimes a significantly smaller one. There are lots of ways to relieve stress naturally, some of which may work for you. Others may not. Whether it’s a massage or B vitamins or aromatherapy. The key to fighting stress is finding which relaxes you best.


Depression’s another factor of mental health that strikes almost everyone at some point in their life. A lot of people are wary about using antidepressants, so natural methods can help you hold off on them. Depression’s a complicated issue to deal with. Still, mental exercises like getting into a routine or setting yourself achievable goals can help banish some of the causes. Eating healthily and exercising are keys to producing more positive chemicals in your brain, too. You have to work at having fun and pushing past your negative emotions.

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One of the more common skin problems besides the general battle against age. Psoriasis can make people want to hide away and block off entire aspects of life. There’s no cure for it, but there are ways to treat it and beat the symptoms back and regain your confidence. Make them part of your routine. These methods can include things like making sure your skincare products have no dyes or perfumes. Olive or vegetable oil can also lock much needed moisture and nutrients into areas of skin made patchy or scaly. You may need to try a variety of methods to find your routine, but remember that this is a routine, not a quick fix. If you don’t keep at it, your psoriasis will keep popping back


Smoking’s that bad lover that so many of us want to quit but have trouble with. For ages, the only alternatives all contained nicotine, like gum and patches. These are viable, but understandably, more people want nicotine-free methods of fighting. One such method is water pipes. Free of nicotine, but with the sensation of smoking. It also hits that oral fixation that many cigarette addicts tend to feel, too. Keeping yourself distracted with sugar free gum is another good alternative.

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Weight loss

There are loads of different supplements and tools that supposedly help us with losing weight. But even if they are effective, a lot of them tend to have ingredients that might raise a few eyebrows. That’s not to say that all weight loss supplements are untrustworthy. Authoritynutrition takes a good look at the different solutions on offer. From fully natural solutions like green coffee bean extract to ones with names like orlistat. Do a bit of research before you settle on which supplement is going to help you shed the pounds.

Muscle gain

When it comes to building strength and gaining muscle, there’s one supplement that’s risen well above the rest. Protein powders are here to stay and for good reason: because they work. The ingredients in most protein powders aren’t too scary, either. Of course, if you want to cut them out of your life entirely, you don’t have to use protein powders. Using foods like spinach and lean meats means you can get all the protein you need. You just need to do a little more work for it.

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Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation gets in the way of happiness for a lot of people. It can contribute towards developing negative disorders like stress and depression. Otherwise, it can just ruin your day. Given how many people live with sleep deprivation, a lot of focus has gone into the causes. Using artificial light like computers and mobile phones before sleep can mess with our body’s natural cycle. So can eating too close to bed. Use to schedule how long you should sleep every night and give yourself charge-down time at least an hour before bed.

Sore back

Whether it’s because of poor posture or sitting at a desk all day, back pain can find its way into many of our lives. A lot of the causes of back pain are because of physical stress. Just as with the cause, a lot of the solutions have to do with physical repositioning too. A posture brace can help you correct posture that puts too much of a strain on your back. Ergonomic chairs are being used all in workplaces to lessen the load, too. Sleeping positions are another thing you should try changing up. Sleeping on your front gives no support to your back and lead to a lot of pain after.

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Sore throat

Sore throats are usually symptoms of illness as opposed to a woe that come on their own, but that doesn’t mean they are any less annoying. We’ve been dealing with sore throats for a long time and have developed tons of natural remedies. The good news is a lot of those home remedies we’ve developed tend to actually work. Salt and water can neutralise the acids causing pain in our throat and better heals our irritated membranes. Lemon juices shrink swollen parts of the throat, relieving that restrictive feeling. Check out to see what the remedies your grandma always told you about actually do. You’ll be surprised how effective most of them actually tend to be.


Migraines affect a lot of people and, unlike other headaches, they tend to come back. At best, they can ruin a day. At worst, they make be nauseating and debilitating. Treating the source of migraines depends on a person to person basis. It may have a lot to do with stress or other health factors entirely. That doesn’t mean you can’t tackle the symptoms, too. Your diet could be the key to fighting that recurring headache. Avoid trigger foods as much as you can and see if your migraines don’t become any less frequent.

With all of the problems above, the list of causes can be just as long as the list of solutions provided. If something doesn’t work, don’t despair. There are plenty of other natural methods. Often, finding the solution can be a more specific job than expected.