We know some people this month will have made the resolution for a healthier year. Perhaps you promised yourself you’d eat less junk food or maybe that you’d go to the gym. How’s that going so far? Don’t worry, by mid January most resolutions are already out the window but your health is particularly tricky to hold on to. We all want to be healthy but it can be difficult to know what to do to make sure we’re looking after ourselves. That’s why we think you’ll find these tips rather helpful.

Are You Exercising?

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Let’s start off with the big one of actually getting up and trying to do some exercise. We recommend you try and start a daily exercise routine that you can keep up and also build on. It can be hard to get going at first. The trick is to find an exercise that isn’t too strenuous, but that is doing your body some good. We’d recommend you give a yoga ago and this is also quite relaxing. But it will do wonders for your body, toning that sagging flab to perfection. At least, it will as long as you continue to exercise. Once you get a routine, you can think about adding a little more exercise to your lifestyle. For instance, you might get the bus to work. But if you’re only a couple of miles from the office, you could walk or even cycle. These little changes will lead to your body being a lot fitter.

Are You Eating Right?

We know, it’s the last thing you want to think about. But you should consider your diet and how you could improve it if you tried. Generally speaking, despite what celebs might proclaim, dieting isn’t that difficult. You just need to make sure you’re eating a good amount of fruit and veg. As well as this, you need to watch the amount you’re eating but don’t go overboard with this idea. If you have three full meals a day, cutting out all the snacks, you can easily improve your intake.

Are You Covered?

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We’ve covered the main two ways to stay healthy. But they are if your body is generally in a good condition. It’s not considering the possibility that you could develop an illness or a condition. You should think about this when looking after your health. You should consider whether you are covered for medical treatment. Ashtead Hospital offer a range of coverage options. It’s worth looking into because you do need to think about what happens if something does go wrong.

Taking Supplements And Vitamins?

Finally, you may want to think about taking supplements and vitamins with your meals or through the day. However you should be careful with this idea. These supplements should not be taken instead of eating the food that provides them naturally. Instead, they should be used as an extra measure. As well as this we are not including diet supplements in this category. They are not recommended and often work purely as a placebo.