There is simply no such thing as removing fat from specific problem areas because fats are not localized. Thus, no matter what type of exercise gadget you're using, and no matter what type of exercise is prescribed, you will never be able to spot reduction. Here are 5 facts that you should know about your problem areas:

#1 - Fat is deposited in areas around your body based on your genetic. You can blame this to your parents. So, the first place you put your fat is usually the last place you will lose it.

#2 - Fat cannot turn into muscle, and vice versa.

#3 - It has been scientifically proven that you cannot spot reduce your fats.Thus, any exercise gadget you buy from online shop or the latest abs machine you saw on the TV would never work.

#4 - Focus on your problem areas during workout. You can start with weight training workout before your aerobic workout because weight training is anaerobic exercises that burn Carbohydrate without the presence of Oxygen. Then, you do aerobic exercise (cardio) to burn Carbohydrate then fat. Remember, the Oxygen exists during this exercise.

#5 - You can build or tone muscle in localized areas but you cannot do the same way to your fat.