We know that it's pretty hot these days, and hydration is important to maintaining a healthy body but most of us struggle to drink enough water everyday. A study published in the "Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition" in 2008 found that mice given lemon polyphenols gained less weight and body fat than those not given these antioxidants. 

Why lemon water?
  • Lemon water help eliminate toxins and waste products by increasing the livers detoxifying enzymes and helps the liver carry out these functions more efficiently.
  • Our body are very acidic and cancer cells tend to breed in an acidic body. Lemon water can help to alkalise the body so that body can function best in alkaline state.
  • Lemon water can act as an anti-ageing remedy by removing wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of your skin.
  • Lemon water can help burn fat faster. When the liver is full of toxins it can’t metabolize fats as efficiently.
Here's a simple recipe for you to make lemon water.

#1 - Wash the fruit carefully because you will be putting the peel directly into the water.

#2 - Slice the lemon across its width, you may remove any seeds to avoid choking hazard.

#3 - Squeeze the lemons slightly to release their juice, and place the fruit in the pitcher or water bottle. Fill the pitcher or bottle with water. 

#4 - Leave it at least three hours in the fridge. The longer you allow it to rest, the stronger the infusion will be.

#5 - When a small amount of flavoured water remains, simply refill the pitcher or bottle, and allow it to sit again. Discard the fruits when the water seem less flavourful.