L-Carnitine is among the best supplements to boost endurance, burn fat, and for faster post-workout recovery. It was first discovered in 1905 by two Russian researchers which is currently become a regular supplement for bodybuilders, athletes, and health conscious people. Check out 10 facts about this super supplements below:

#1 - L-Carnitine helps converting fatty acids into energy. It also burns down brown, and saturated fats.

#2 - L-Carnitine improves your memory, and mental capacity.

#3 - It supports the cardiovascular system, and promote a healthy skin.

#4 - L-Carnitine should be taken before doing any workouts, trainings, or physical activities.

#5 - It is absorbed by the body very quickly.

#6 - L-Carnitine also has its unfamous 'twin' named, D-Carnitine.

#7 - Individuals who have hypothyroidism are not recommended to use L-Carnitine as it makes symptoms of hypothyroidism worse.

#8 - Individuals with chest pain (angina) can take L-Carnitine along with standard treatment. However, individuals with blocked arteries should not consume L-Carnitine as it can make the symptoms getting worse.

#9 - L-Carnitine also aids in increasing hair on the scalp if it is taken twice daily for 6 months.

#10 - L-Carnitine does not reduce fatigue in healthy people, but it reduces fatigue in people with Hepatitis C.