Everyone suffers from health conditions from time to time. It’s your ability to act fast and seek professional help that determines whether or not your are negatively affected. Many illnesses cause your body to deteriorate over time. So, the faster you see a doctor, the sooner your issues will be resolved.

We’ve looked at male and female health conditions across the board and have come up with a shortlist of the ailments most likely to cause you problems during 2015. It’s important that you are aware of these common illnesses so that you can identify the symptoms and book your GP appointment as soon as possible.

Heart Disease

Smoking and obesity are the two main causes of heart disease. Over the last ten years, rates have been increasing steadily. Experts put that down to an ever worsening diet and people failing to look after themselves properly. If you feel any discomfort in that region of your body, it is vital that you have a doctor’s assessment. While there might be nothing wrong with you, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Thankfully, the chances of you getting heart disease can be limited with regular exercise. There are lots of mental benefits of keeping fit too, so maybe you should join a local gym.

Sexually transmitted infections

There are so many sexually transmitted infections that almost 80% of the population will have one at some point during their life. Most of them have no symptoms and tend to clear up on their own. Still, there are many that can cause serious issues, and so you need to get checked out if you suspect anything. Some infections and viruses can be passed onto other people, which is why you must refrain from all sexual activity until you receive a diagnosis.

Joint arthritis

Arthritis is a condition known to affect the joints in your body. It causes inflammation and swelling that can become very painful. Around 30% of people will develop this illness at some point during their life, and most will require medication to help deal with the pain. Arthritis can be brought on by stress and traumatic experiences, which is why many people who trip or fall develop it over time. If you are injured in 2015, it might be sensible to read personal injury attorney reviews. Your compensation can increase considerably if the incident has resulted in you developing a condition that was not present before.

There are many other health issues that might affect you during 2015, but the ones listed above are considered to be the most likely. Just remember that you must get in touch with a trained expert and get a proper diagnosis if you notice anything strange. While the internet is good for many things, you should never search online to find out about any symptoms you might experience. You are no qualified to self-diagnose, and you’ll only add more worry.

We hope you have a fantastic year, and that you manage to remain fit and healthy through to 2016.

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