Taking care of your lady parts are really important. Here are 11 easy ways to keep things down under happy and healthy. Check it out:

1. Use condoms

Protection should be your top priority.

Condoms help to keep your vagina's pH level at status quo, which means good bacteria like lactobacilli can survive in there. The good bacteria is important because it prevents yeast infections, UTIs and bacterial vaginosis.

2. Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton is comfy.

Believe it or not, but your vagina prefers cotton. That's the reason why most underwear come with a thin strip of cotton fabric at the crotch area. Cotton breathes and absorbs moisture, which is ideal for your lady parts.

3. Or go commando

Things are pretty airy down there.

It's the same with cotton. Your lady part needs to breathe. Though, that's probably not the reason why Paris Hilton always forget one.

4. Kegels

Your vagina is like a muscle. It needs to work out. And by doing so, you enjoy other benefits like being able to produce mind-blowing orgasms. As well as good bladder control.

5. Eat greek yogurt

Yogurt with live cultures help boost the good bacteria down under. Good bacteria is important to prevent vaginal problems like yeast infections.

6. Don't skip your annual exam

If he gets it, you should as well.

Checking for STDs regularly is just as important as any other thing, even if you don't have any symptoms.

7. If you have vaginal dryness, use lube

Be generous with it.

Vaginal dryness happens, and can crop up after pregnancy or shortly before menopause. To avoid abrasions, lube up. It'll make sex hotter too.

8. You don't have to douche it

Not an actual douchebag.

The vagina cleans itself. According to studies, using intravaginal hygiene products can put you at risk of infections and STDs. A good way to keep your vagina looking clean is to use vagina whitening creams. They come in many different varieties and can be used to make the colour of your vagina more appealing.

9. Be careful while cycling

Cycling is hard for ladies.

Cycling is actually a vaginal health risk. The risks are genital numbness, pain and tingling. To avoid it, try wearing padded shorts. You'll also want to research form modifications to keep your vagina pain-free.

10. Don't go from backdoor to front door without cleaning

You never know what dangers are lurking behind them.

If you're having sex, don't go from anal to vaginal sex without changing the condom or cleaning off first. This is a major risk for infections.

11. Soap may be dangerous too.

Soap in your eyes hurt, but it can be worse for your vagina.

Soap is awesome, but it might not belong anywhere near your vagina. It can be drying to the sensitive skin around the vulva. But if you can't do without soap, go with plain, gentle and unscented soap.

Take care of them lady parts, ladies.