Getting into a tub of ice sounds excruciating, but since ice can reduce inflammation and lessen joint pain, that means it could benefit those with super sore muscles. Studies have also shown that prolonged exposure to cold can activate brown fat, which will help burn the white fat in your body, helping to keep you slim.

You'll first need to build up the stamina to take on a full-body ice bath. Practice first with cold showers (which are awesome after a workout to help stop sweating). When you think you're ready, prepare the ice bath by tossing ice cubes into a tub filled halfway with water then dip your body in all the way up to your neck.

To build up tolerance, try focusing on your breath, distracting yourself with music, and keeping a clock nearby to watch your progress. Attempting this in the morning works best, as your tolerance is a lot lower later in the day because your body is tired and not prepared for the shock.

If you're serious about this, then it's time to make ice baths part of your exercise circuit. After lifting weights or swimming at a rate of high exertion, dip yourself straight into the ice right up to the neck real quick before returning back to the activity. Repeat this a few times to build your body's resistance.

Note: Thermal regulation is an extremely energy-consuming process in our body, and will leave you exhausted. If you don't have an ice tub in your gym, look for an outside body of water in cold months, or fill an ice bath and get in immediately following your workout.

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