Yoga is supposed to be that two-in-one exercise that can calm your mind and give you the exercise your body needs. Yet it can be pretty stressful at the same time. For one, there's the accidental farting thing. Then there's that humanistic fear of not being able to stretch as well as your classmates.

Nancy Elkes, a certified yoga and pilates instructor at Crunch in New York City, explains how to handle the most embarrassing yoga moments:

You let rip a loud fart
And everyone hears it. It's humiliating! Especially when it's quite obviously you. So what do you do? Nothing. Don't do anything. "It's an unspoken rule of yoga that when you fart, you shouldn't do anything. It happens to everyone since you're shifting around so much and things are moving, so it's really not a big deal," Elkes swears. "I teach this class on Wednesday mornings, and it's like the Fourth of July for women in that room—everyone's exploding! But no one says anything. They don't even acknowledge it. It's pretty wonderful," she continues. So be calm.

Your teacher's fixing your moves
Sometimes when your instructor is adjusts your form, you may feel a little weird or uncomfortable. Some people flinch, or your breathing gets short. When this happens your teacher is supposed to be trained well enough to pick up on that and stop touching you. But the problem is that they don't always catch your vibe. "Sadly, not all teachers listen to the energy you're sending out. So it's actually best to come right out and say, 'Please don't touch me,' or even 'I'm not into the adjustments today, thanks,'" Elkes advises. You don't even have to say why.

Everyone's chanting and you feel awkward
You aren't comfortable chanting, or you're not ready. And that's okay. Instead of simply mumbling things, it's better to just stay quiet. "The worst thing to do is go against what you're feeling. Instead, you should either stay totally silent, which is absolutely acceptable, or get super into the chant—nothing in between."