To prevent foot pain, The Wall Street Journal suggests a few simple exercises to do before getting out of bed. Do a few stretches in the morning to help your feet out in the long term.
Another routine stretch that wakes up the muscles in the feet should be done in the morning before getting out of bed, Dr. Campbell says. Sit with legs straight out in front of you and angle your toes toward your head and then away from it. This works the Achilles tendon and the fascial band, which connects the front and back of the foot…

Other exercises include rolling your foot over a tennis or golf ball, which stimulates the nerve endings in the feet and protects from injury. Picking up marbles or towels with your toes strengthens the muscles in the toes and central part of the foot. And wrapping a rubber band around the toes and then expanding the toes outward supports the major muscles of the foot, Dr. Campbell says.
[The Wall Street Journal Image via Nike Plus Training]