The new year has entered, and like most people, you're probably thinking of your new year's resolution. Maybe you finally realize to be more serious with your health and fitness goals. However, this sure is easier said than done. You may have set the same goals in the past, only to stop midyear. This year is time to avoid falling into the same trap and execute more strategies to achieve your fitness goals. 

While it’s motivating to stick to your fitness plan in the first quarter of the year, there may be possibilities to go off track until you eventually give up. It's imperative to formulate effective strategies to avoid such recurrence. 

Do your best to stick to the plan and let your motivation wane off. Apply some tips and advice to achieve your fitness goals this 2022 finally:

1. Stay Consistent 

If you find it challenging to maintain a regular exercise routine throughout the year, creating a schedule might be an effective solution. During busy times, it may seem impossible to perform exercises. Sometimes unanticipated events happen, and you won't continue through with your fitness plans.  

One way to avoid them is to have a backup schedule. Say, for instance, you intend to work out after work, but there may be times you need to do overtime. The best alternative is to insert your sweat-out session early in the morning instead. 

Maintain consistency by incorporating shorter workouts into your routine. Go for exercise sets that burn a lot in shorter times like Pilates or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Staying committed to the same time daily is another way to maintain consistency. Try to download fitness apps or hire a personal training in Caulfield North if you live in the area.

2. Set Goals One At A Time 

While it’s a good idea to set goals for your fitness journey, sometimes setting too many of them might be unrealistic to achieve anymore. It could be that you want to lose a few pounds, exercise every day, cut out on sweets, and have more hours of quality sleep. All these are great goals, but they can overwhelm you if you try to achieve them all at once.  

You're setting yourself up for failure if you try to handle that much at once. Too many goals on your head will lead to worries and stress. Therefore, it's wiser to set small goals one by one. Inspire baby steps and encourage yourself to do one task after another. Choose one plan and focus on achieving that one for the time being.  

3. Build Muscles 

Having muscles and toned body parts add appeal to a woman's body. If you agree, it's best to focus on strength training exercises to help you build muscles. Aside from lifting heavy weights, you'll come to discover that you can also perform resistance training with the help of tools and bands. They can help you achieve a well-sculpted body and form.  

Starting a three-times-per-week resistance training program is the best way to begin reshaping your body. Watch what you eat and focus more on muscle-building healthy foods for your body. It's crucial to apply tips on healthy and self-sufficient living.

4. Know Your Purpose 

Working out for a sense of accomplishment is wonderful but does not provide much long-term motivation. You will find it challenging to keep up with an exercise program if you don't have your reason. Some people enter into an active lifestyle so they can live healthier. Others do so to burn calories and achieve their desired weight. All these purposes are great inspirations but also consider more specific reasons.  

For instance, it can be that you want to achieve a better body mass index or generate more muscles in some areas of your body. Sometimes you might want to increase your speed and agility. Whatever purpose you have, work on that and let it inspire you through your journey.  

5. Avoid Procrastinating 

Everyone can be guilty of procrastination. There are just some days when you feel lazy and skip working out. To avoid this, make it a rule never to miss exercising two days in a row. You'll need to focus on those goals if you want to consistently exercise until it becomes part of your daily routine. Each effort you make will contribute to the overall bigger picture.  

Persistence and commitment are required to build habits. Always remember that a few minutes of sweating is always better than nothing. So, maximize whatever available time you have and work on achieving your fitness goals. Stay clear of procrastinating and put your eyes on the goal. Download some body-positive fitness apps that will give you a good workout.


If you want to reach your fitness goals, you don't give up until you have them. It's easier than done, but with the tips stated in this article, rest assured that your goals can turn into reality. Also, remember to cut yourself some slack. Celebrate any small milestone you achieve. You should be proud of the hard work to reach your improved fitness level.