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Whether you have chosen to take steps to get in better shape or are a long-time marathon runner, you can always find ways to improve your fitness routine. Luckily, with the invention of smartwatches, fitness bands and other tech-related gear, there have been numerous advances in the digital world explicitly designed to help get the best possible workout and exercise. From wearable tech that can monitor your heart rate and track distances to apps that offer countless exercise moves and positions in a single tap, workout tech has come a long way.

Not sure what we mean? Here are five ways workout tech can transform your fitness routine, offering everything from motivation to insight and charts to let you know what you’re doing right. 

#1 Streaming Music Gets You Pumped Up

The number one easiest way workout tech can transform your fitness routine is by streaming music. With your phone or smartwatch, you can stream your favorite jams or even engaging podcasts through your AirPods or other preferred Bluetooth earbuds. Listening to energy-boosting music as you go for a run around the park or hit the gym can make the time fly by faster, help you focus on the exercise and even keep you from getting bored. Even if your fitness routine involves calming yoga poses, some instrumental or ambient background music can help you meditate, relax and recenter yourself.

Just be sure to protect your AirPods from any accidental tumbles. Choose a shock-resistant and water-resistant Apple AirPods case or an AirPods Pro case that can take on drops on the asphalt or being dropped in a puddle. 

It’s not just about music and podcasts, either. Whether you're at the gym or at home, you can also use an iPad to catch up on your favorite movies and TV shows or watch the news and morning weather. 

#2 Monitor Your Heart Rate

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Apple Watches and Fitbits offer heart rate monitors, a fantastic tool to have on hand for any fitness routine. Sure, you can hit the treadmill or exercise bike with a built-in heart rate sensor, but with a personal piece of tech you wear, you can also track your heart rate throughout the day. Plus, you don’t have to hit the gym. Instead, you can enjoy a run outside or engage in other outdoor water activities like swimming, paddling and more, especially since many smartwatches offer some sort of water resistance. 

A heart rate monitor can help you reach the ideal performance, finding that sweet spot between over-exhausting yourself and taking it too easy. It will let you know how you can improve your fitness. In addition, monitoring your heart rate daily can alert you of any heart-related health issues. 

#3 Keeps Track of Distance, Pace and Goals

Another way workout tech can transform your fitness routine? By using a pedometer, you can track your daily steps, as well as how far you’ve run, walked, cycled or swam. Of course, digital distance trackers can help you keep track of your miles or meters, but they can also come in handy when you want to set some serious goals and keep track of your pace. 

Distance monitors can help you chart your time, making you more aware of how well you do during each activity so you can pinpoint and identify what variables improve your performance (like energy levels, hydration and weather) and which hinder it. Ultimately, this allows you to chart your time, compare your workouts and find ways to improve. 

#4 Allows You to Schedule and Plan Your Workouts

If you are the type of person who finds carving out time for a workout challenging, this one's for you! Another awesome way workout tech can transform a fitness routine is by simply setting one. Whether you have a smartwatch, phone or simply use a computer program or website, you can set up a calendar and create a dedicated time each day or week for you to get in some physical activities. 

Furthermore, many types of workout tech will even offer suggestions to help you plan the workouts. Choose whether you want to engage in some cardio or get your yoga flow on and some will offer detailed plans. All you have to do is show up for them. 

Like a pedometer’s tracking, you can chart how you are improving with a calendar and plan. And you can see everything at a glance, often with a graph. 

Try out some of the best fitness apps, many of which offer a free trial or even a free service (though there might be ads). Then, take each one for a spin and see what works best for you. 

#5 It Offers an Affordable Personal Trainer Any Time of Day

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Workout tech can act as your own personal trainer, right at your fingertips and at a more affordable cost. Need to target a specific area of your body? Choose a fitness app that will help you hone in on zones and allow you to work out whenever you like. This is especially helpful for busy people who try to fit in a fitness routine when the time allows, and can’t simply stick to a dedicated routine. 

All you have to do is tell your chosen personal trainer app where you want to focus and how much time you can commit. Then, you will be presented with a detailed exercise plan, often with helpful how-to videos to show how to do moves and safety precautions to keep in mind so you avoid at-home injuries. 

Ready to Begin a New Fitness Routine?

Start a new fitness routine today, taking advantage of the countless accessories, apps and workout tech out there. With this kind of advanced technology, you can achieve the ultimate workout and make your body the healthiest and strongest it has ever been. So put on your energy-boosting workout playlist and break your own distance records. You got this!