In this competitive world, every individual wants to remain fit, strong and happy. However, a hectic lifestyle and busy schedule don’t permit us to meet our health needs.

For quick weight gain and perfect shape, apetamin comes as a blessing for you. It is not a heavyweight gaining exercise or an expensive treatment. It is just a fascinating solution, that you are required to intake regularly in the form of pills and syrup.

This latest and trendy weight gaining medicine is quite popular among women worldwide. The main objective of this appetite stimulant is to medicate underweight people and individuals with eating disorders.

The ultimate advantages of taking this medical drug can be noticed from social media reviews that updates before and after photos of women’s who take it regularly. Also you can visit for more details.

1. Interesting facts about Apetamin-

There isn’t any major difference between the syrup and pills of apetamin. Both of them are designed to stimulate your appetite and it’s hard to conclude which option is the best. However, due to liquid form, the syrup is more reliable and faster than the pills. 

Have a glance at other interesting facts you should know before making a purchasing decision.

For weight gaining purposes, it is used as a food supplement. It has come to the top of the list but is not approved as a drug by FDA.
Its main components are- Cyproheptadine, Lysine, Vitamin A and C. The components are also effective in different medications like- allergies, headache and severe malnutrition.
- Cyproheptadine- This appetite stimulant is clinically tested.
- Lysine- It is an essential amino acid that is not produced by your body. Helping your body produce digestive enzymes, antibodies and protein hormones improves your overall health.
Before your body gets used to its dosage, it carries temporary side-effects like- hunger, lower metabolic rate and a lot more.

2. Benefits of the syrup-

Here are some pros to understand how the product helps you in building a curvy body.

Body composition- Eating less and hoping to shape your muscles is like jumping in the dark. For fruitful outcomes, it requires excessive energy and calories. Apetamin enables you for building improved and healthier muscles.
Boosting energy- Besides providing, it helps in boosting the energy level by supplying the appropriate amount of fuel your body requires to operate.
Increases your fertility ratio- Gaining weight helps to experience the divine feeling of motherhood.
Sports performance- Weight gain benefits help athletes to master sports that require huge strength and power. Your weight training for health activities depends upon your body type.

3. The truth about apetamin-

The use of apetamin is not based on genders. If you are looking to gain weight fast or looking to build mass for athletic weight training then it is a good option for guys. It contains amino acids and besides men and women it is good for children also.

One 200ML bottle is sufficient to notice changes in your body. After getting satisfied with the outcomes, you can order some more bottles to achieve your desired weight.

To have a great body, it’s essential to adopt good eating and regular exercise habits besides apetamin. The taste of the product is not bad, it tastes like cough syrup. This orange liquid is only offered in an orange pack. It is advisable not to consume it if any other than the above-mentioned pack is offered to you.

4. When to stop and who should not take it?

Apetamin is reliable for weight gain. However, some points are to be considered to stop its dosage to avoid any issues-

If you notice any of the above-mentioned side-effects, it is recommended to stop the dosage and consult with the doctor as soon as possible.
You should stop taking apetamin after accomplishing the desired weight.
When you are not noticing any positive outcomes of the product. It is advisable to consume more than 700 calories per day.
Results of gradual withdrawal can vary from person to person. It is also essential to note down how your body is responding to slow withdrawals.

On the same token, there are some situations where a person is not permitted to take the dosage. Such as-

A pregnant woman should avoid it to a great extent.
If suffering from allergy then avoid and any other similar drug.
If the weather of your area is usually hot.
It is not recommended for alcohol addicts.
A child below the age of 2

5. Importance of the product for a woman-

A majority of people are taking this syrup as a weight gain product. However, the objective of the product is to enhance your appetite and slow down metabolism. It helps you to gain weight naturally by eating more.

Besides this, it also helps with sneezing, watery eyes, migraines and headaches. The product is for both genders but as compared to men, it is widely used by women. 

6. What if you forgot to take apetamin syrup?

It is advisable to take your dose daily and on time. But if you missed it by chance try to take it as soon as possible. If it is the time of the next dose then do not double the dose. Skip your missed one to avoid negative issues. 


Apetamin syrup is a hunger stimulant. It belongs to antihistamines (a group of medicines). It can be taken with or without food but for dosage, it’s recommended to follow the advice of your doctor. 

It is safe to prevent symptoms from happening if taken at a regular interval. Contrary to it, if you stop taking it earlier than advised be ready to welcome the symptoms again. 

It may cause some amount of dizziness, so not to drive or operate heavy machines that need attention. Avoid drinking alcohol with this syrup as it can cause excessive drowsiness.

Finally, if you notice any side effects or suffering from the disease of liver or heart, you are advised to inform your doctor in advance.