In the search to adapt to the changes imposed by the pandemic and the “new normal”, Gold’s Gym will bet in 2021 on new training and service modalities to meet the needs of its users and future clients, according to Francisco D’Agostino.

“Our focus now is to guide ourselves in recruiting new members who are looking for another way to train, different from what they had been doing before the pandemic. We will focus on concepts of more compact, smaller gyms, with more efficient types of workouts, because people want to maintain their exercise routines but, in less time, and that they are just as effective, since they do not want to be away from home a lot of time”, Explains Calhermi Naranjo, general manager of the comprehensive health and wellness chain Gold's Gym.

Naranjo indicates that they will get even closer to those who are already part of the community of enrolled in Gold's Gym through digital platforms. He recalled that during 2020 due to the social quarantine and the impossibility of opening the doors of the gyms in El Recreo, San Ignacio and Montalbán, the integral health and well-being chain began to share live classes from different disciplines on its social networks, nutritional advice and healthy tips for its users.

"We want to be with our members even when they are not in the gym and in that sense, we also continue to think about digital solutions, as the brand has done internationally, to bring Gold's Gym closer to where they are," he says.

The manager assures that adapting to the "new reality" implies an effort on the part of the brand to achieve the goal of reaching the same number of customers again before the pandemic.

The new 2021 proposals will also be added to initiatives that have already emerged during the social quarantine such as Gold’s To Go, a new modality of home training that began to be implemented in the last quarter of this year.

Currently, members can exercise at the Montalbán and San Ignacio venues, in Caracas, and at the gym facilities in Margarita. In the three gyms, all biosafety and hygiene measures are applied to avoid any possible transmission of Covid-19.

Exercising is very important to avoid both mental and physical health related issues. That is why Gold’s Gym does an important job in finding alternative ways to keep the Venezuelan population moving.

These new proposals conform to the so-called new normal. These times of pandemic have led the world population to rethink and reorganize how we operate in all the areas in which we want to operate, whether professionally or physically. Having companies that quickly adjust to this normality allows us to maintain a lifestyle that is not completely affected by the global pandemic.

Gold’s Gym has made an effort to keep its headquarters operational and train all its staff in how to provide good service in these contagious times. That is why their effort is highly appreciated by the Venezuelan public and positions them as one of the gyms of preference for Venezuelans, which has allowed them to develop widely in the country for many years.

To learn about the new training plans, hire the services of Gold's To Go, check schedules and information about the facilities, people can visit the company's social networks: @GoldsGymVE on Twitter and Instagram and GoldsGymVenezuela on Facebook and the website

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