One simple fitness gear upgrade could accelerate your weight loss and keep your belly fat off for good. By replacing your traditional workout shirt with a sauna suit or vest, you can achieve a higher calorie burn from doing the same exercise. With their innovative design and technology, these vests are an essential way to burn calories and fight fat. These suits use neoprene fabrication technology to trap body heat in your core. 

To cool down, your body reacts by releasing perspiration, amplifying your sweat session. Top sauna suit companies manufacture this fitness attire to replace your workout shirt or to fit snugly beneath your favorite athletic clothing. With a no-itch lining and compression fit, this apparel provides enhanced comfort and flexibility as you intensify your fat burn. Read on to learn more about how this one simple fitness gear upgrade could accelerate your weight loss.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

Next, wearing a sauna vest improves cardiovascular endurance. Research shows that sauna suits can improve maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) by over 10%. Improved cardiovascular endurance is just another way that neoprene sauna suits improve your fitness results. VO2max is essentially a measurement of how well your body processes oxygen during exercise. Health professionals consider this level to be the best indicator of cardiovascular endurance. In addition, wearing a sauna suit increases aerobic activity as well. By wearing a sauna suit, you can build up to tougher, longer workouts faster than you would in traditional athletic clothing. Thus, you will be able to lose weight quicker and improve your overall health by exercising in a heat-trapping sweat vest.

Enhances Workout Recovery

In addition, a neoprene sauna vest also enhances your workout recovery. Similar to an actual sauna, this fitness gear alleviates muscle fatigue. Lactic acid buildup in your muscles is responsible for the soreness in your body after an intense workout. Persistent soreness can take away from future sweat sessions, resulting in fewer reps, less sets, and ultimately, suboptimal results. A sauna vest from Kewiloo supports your body in removing this lactic acid build up. Its unique compression fit provides abdominal and lumbar support to aid posture and circulation for a faster post-workout recovery. This way, you can continue to work towards your fitness goals.

Reduces Body Fat

Moreover, sauna suits have also been shown to significantly reduce body fat over time. In a research study, subjects who exercised in a sauna suit achieved a higher body weight reduction than those performed the same exercise without one. Wearing these vests are an essential tip to slim down for weight loss. In addition, the sauna suit group also reduced their body fat by over 13%. On the other hand, those wearing traditional athletic clothing only saw about an 8% reduction. In only a two-week trial, sauna suits reduced body fat by about 5% more. Over time, these results add up. With a sauna suit, you can achieve your body fat reduction goals faster.

Boosts Resting Metabolism

Furthermore, heat-trapping sweat vests also boost resting metabolism over time. In one study, sauna vest subjects increased their resting metabolism by over 10%. In comparison, the control group in the study actually decreased their metabolic rates by over 2%. Ultimately, a higher resting metabolic rate indicates your body is using energy and burning calories faster than someone with a slower metabolism. Moreover, drinking 0.5 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day has been shown to improve metabolic rates as well. This hydration is especially important when using a sauna suit for weight loss, as you increase sweat production. By hydrating sufficiently and exercising in a neoprene vest, you can boost your resting metabolism and accelerate your weight loss. 

Increases Calorie Burn

Sauna vests can increase your calorie burn so you can reach your weight loss goals faster. These innovative vests are an essential way to burn more calories all day. According to a research study, those who wear this cutting-edge performance gear significantly boost the number of calories they burn while exercising. By working out in a neoprene sauna vest, you disrupt your normal core temperature. As a result, it takes longer for your body to return to homeostasis and regulate heat. Fitness professionals say this is due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Also known as the afterburn effect, EPOC allows you to continue burning calories after you have finished exercising. In this way, upgrading your workout wear to a sauna suit accelerates your weight loss.

To accelerate your weight loss plan, upgrade your traditional workout top to a heat-trapping sauna vest or suit. This neoprene fabric technology increases your calorie burn. In addition, studies show that it improves cardiovascular endurance so you can achieve results faster. Moreover, sauna vests also enhance post-workout recovery with lumbar and ab support to remove lactic acid build up. You can also reduce your body fat. Furthermore, wearing a sweat vest can also boost your resting metabolism. Consider this evidence to learn about how this one simple fitness gear upgrade could accelerate your weight loss.