Let's start by saying that, if you've formed a habit of running in the morning, good news: you've chosen an especially good time for it. As running coach and personal trainer Meghan Kennihan tells Shape, morning running "lowers your blood pressure and jumpstarts your metabolism". 

It's also "much more stress-relieving" than evening running, she acknowledges - but your serenity could be at risk if you don't wear the right running attire, which can include a tracksuit.

You can move more easily
That's obviously a big boon when you're running. As the Camden New Journal points out, wearing clothing that restricts your movements not only risks you picking up injuries but also prevents you from making the most of your physical activity. 

However, a good tracksuit should be built to accommodate the rapid movements you are bound to make while running, allowing you to get your feet moving without unduly curbing your comfort.

A tracksuit can help to regulate your temperature 
Heatstroke - arising from an overly high body temperature - is a serious illness, not to mention a bigger issue for active people than you may have realised. It hasn't been unheard-of for some people to drop dead while working out, but a tracksuit can play a part in moderating your body heat. 

That's because, while a tracksuit can warm your body when you are strenuously exercising, it can also lower your body temperature when you are resting. 

You can lower your chances of skin damage 
Another big plus point of wearing a tracksuit while out and about is that it can regulate how much UV light penetrates your skin. Otherwise, those UV rays could lead your body to absorb too much heat from the sun, potentially resulting in heatstroke as well as skin damage. 

To further guard your skin against sun-induced damage, you can also, as Verywell Fit notes, wear a visor or hat to better protect your face and don UV-blocking running sunglasses to shield your eyes.

A tracksuit can absorb your sweat
You might have heard of a tracksuit's ability to wick away moisture, but whether you knew quite what that meant in a practical sense is its own question. Basically, tracksuits can absorb moisture, such as that resulting from your sweat, and so leave you feeling dry and comfortable. 

This, in turn, can enable you to continue running for longer, without so much feeling the need to take the occasional break. Admittedly, though, your stamina might still have a say in the matter...

You can burn more calories 
Losing weight - isn't that what many of us go regularly running for? Perhaps surprisingly, simply wearing a tracksuit while running can help you to trim more of that excess flab. 

While the tracksuit wouldn't directly shed that fat from your waistline, this attire can still help by warming up your body to the extent that it works harder and, therefore, expends more energy. That's what really burns extra calories, though you should make sure you stick strictly to high quality tracksuits.