Searching for the right trainer is very important for anyone. Asking questions is another important thing to do. I have provided here some of the basic questions for you to take care of before hiring any coach or Personal Trainer in London. But before that, ask some questions form yourself like- Are you serious about hiring a trainer? How committed are you? 

Can you afford a personal trainer? Can you take that time out, to get trained? You have to be consistent, can you do that? If you get answers in yes, then I suppose you can go ahead with these questions for your trainer.

What is your experience?

You should ask for the certifications they have. Also, what is their experience, in detail. What they are good at? Also, try and ask them about his client list. Whom they have trained earlier. What were the clients that they used to train? What was their core strength and how that can help you in getting into shape? Finding the core strength of the trainer is very important. This will give you an idea of whether it would be helpful for you or not. 

Client goal achieved?

Try and learn client success stories from them. Try to know the number of times they were able to achieve their goal. Also, give them ratings on the count of 10. The interviews and you can mark the ratings and can write the checkpoints like whom you want to hire.

Commitment to work and health

Try and find out how many of them are committed to working and what they think of keeping good health and working on it. If they are committed and they have a spark in them, then you can know the trainer is a good match for you. If they are themselves not committed, motivated, positive how they can help others in transforming.

Individual goal

The trainer should work on the individual goal of every person. He should try and understand the body. And also work upon it accordingly. Let say I'm a new person and don't have experience in bodybuilding then in that case my scenario will be different from any other individual who is working out for 6 months. Body strength will be different. The trainer should know that difference and take action upon that thing.

How to get prepared

Ask the trainer, what could be your first step towards transformation. How to look forward. What are the steps that you should take? When can you measure your progress? Ask these questions from them. 


Ask them what can you eat before your session. Everyday session what should be done before and after your session ends. What can you take, like what quantity you can take carbs, proteins, etc? 


According to me, hire a Perosnal Trainer who is very quick, energetic and is very committed towards his/her work. Discuss making your session fun and enjoyable. Take small breaks in between in a way that you keep on learning and transforming into a great individual. Hire someone who can click along with you, in a while. But don't hire compromising on money because it's your body at the end.