High-intensity interval training short for HIIT is an alternating workout between short high and intense bursts of exercise and short periods of rest. Sometimes instead of rest periods, you would do less-intense exercise for a fixed period. 

1 minute of running at your top speed than walking for 2 minutes or resting for half a minute. Repeat this workout for about 15 minutes and this would be a good example of HIIT workout. HIIT is great at burning fat in a shorter period better than cardio. Ready to get your workout clothes a little sweaty and benefit from HIIT? Here we go!

Efficient workout technique

HIIT is effective and great for many reasons. Starting with it really works, does not need much time, and gives you better results than cardio in a shorter time. If you are one of those people with a super busy schedule then this is the workout for you. You can even do it during your lunch break and still have time to catch up with friends afterward. 

Burn your fat, not the muscle

One of the biggest problems when it comes to fat burning is most of us lose muscle mass. Which is not what we want. losing muscle mass can bring lots of problems especially with crash dieting or just a bad diet. Other workouts can be slow and still cause muscle loss but HIIT does not. In fact, it is fat and burns just the fat so you can look better in your T-shirts, sweats, casual and formal clothes and even without them. 

Burning more fat in a short time

Why do you want to burn fat slowly and lose muscle when you can do it in a shorter time effectively and better? HIIT workouts burn more calories and keep on burning them after you are done with it. meaning you can come back from the gym watching your favorite show and your body will be burning calories. Great isn’t it! 

Improve heart health

Many of us don’t like and don’t want to push ourselves into the state where breathing seems impossible and it feels like your heart would come out bursting the chest any second. But the catch is you would only be in this state for a short time and the results it would give are worth it. HIIT improves your cardiovascular health, meaning a healthy heart is healthy.

No equipment needed

One of the best things about HIIT is you don't need any equipment to do it. However, you can do it with equipment too if you want, but why bother when it is not needed. In fact, the equipment can decrease the effectiveness of HIIT 

Quick and can be done anywhere

HIIT workouts are short and don’t need any equipment meaning you can do them wherever you like whenever you like. Office, home, park, or while waiting for your commute to arrive. There is just not much of anything not to love HIIT, so simple yet so effective, and you get to have rested in between. 

One thing that you might not like is HIIT just for burning fat and not gaining muscle or really strengthen your body. For that, you would have to switch to other workouts like weight lifting. But the good thing is you can burn the fat quickly and get to those workouts.