Crossfit is an intense form of exercising but it can be a really fun workout. Read our guide on getting started with crossfit and get ready to sweat!

Are you hoping to look and feel better in 2020? Start this year off with an awesome exercise program! 

Choose Crossfit. Getting started with Crossfit is easy and will get you in incredible shape quickly.

Workout 101: Getting Started with Crossfit

Crossfit may look intimidating due to the movements and intensity of the program. But, learn everything you need to get started and watch how quickly you pick it up!

Keep reading to discover everything about starting Crossfit!

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit refers to a workout program designed by Greg Glassman. It uses a scored workout combined with a variety of high-intensity functional movements.

This strength and conditioning program builds up a host of skills that deem a person fit. Throughout the course of your workout, you will build endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, agility, power, strength, accuracy, coordination, and balance.

Crossfit for Beginners

What do you need to know to get started?

Dress Properly

During each session, you can expect to move and sweat. Wear clothing that allows a free range of motion while providing support. You can find perfect attire on

Wear a breathable, but tight-fitting tank or tee. Dry-fit or mesh provides the most comfort for sweat and temperature control. Women should wear a good sports bra for comfort and support.

Choose shorts or tights that do not bag. Baggy clothing can catch on equipment.

You also need breathable material. If you wear cotton tights, mesh inserts behind the knees will help.

Cotton socks may not cut it for this type of workout. Try wicking socks to keep your feet from getting soggy.

The most important part of dressing for Crossfit is choosing shoes that support your ankles to prevent injury. Pick something that does fit properly and does not chafe the backs of your feet.


This exercise program incorporates a variety of exercises. You should arm up your muscles and stretch to prevent injury.

It loosens up the muscles, improves your posture, and allows for a better range of motion. However, overstretching prior to the workout can also harm you.

Start with a light jog for a few minutes to increase your body temperature. Then, try these stretches for your hamstrings, hips, triceps, and shoulders, only holding each for about 20 seconds.

After your Crossfit workout, stretch again. This will help reduce the lactic acid that builds in your body during the workout and relax your muscles.


This program will leave you soaked. This means that you need to replenish your fluids and electrolytes.

Drink water, sports drinks, or coconut water to rehydrate. Take small sips during your exercise and then drink a full 8 ounces afterword.

Crossfit Exercises 

You can expect to perform a variety of exercises during one Crossfit session. Some great beginner exercises you might encounter include:

Air squats
Dumbell lifts
Jumping Rope

Throughout the session, you can expect two or three exercises to get grouped together and alternated for a specified period of time.

Cross Into Fitness

Getting started with Crossfit will ring in this new year with a new level of health! You will feel invigorated and look amazing!

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