Dan Matteucci, actor, model and a famous lifestyle trainer in the United States, has announced his very own fitness channel on YouTube aimed at transforming the lives of all those struggling to maintain their fitness.
Matteucci says his channel will help viewers “attain a better standard of living and how to make a healthy living.

Living in the era of digital learning, we carry information about the world in the palm of our hands. Dan Matteucci aims to be a glimmer of hope for all those who can’t seem to find the right guide to a healthy lifestyle.

YouTube is known for its free content and how people can get information in the most convenient ways possible. Following in the footsteps of some of the notable and popular fitness channels on YouTube such as Athlean-X, Fit Media, and others, Dan Matteucci has decided to contribute as well.

He believes that everyone must have a follow lifestyle that has a heatlhy workout and diet regime. His platform is aimed at making fitness available everywhere and for everyone.

Dan Matteucci has worked in several famous TV commercials, shows and has an acting experience that extends over a decade. He is also a famous social media celebrity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with his social media handle being MatteuciFit. Matteucci has a strong public influence and an energetic presence.
His background in the television and film industry coupled with his expertise as fitness trainer are going to be a big plus in terms of the success of the channel. Dan believes the channel will help him expand his reach and the purpose of the channel is primarily to “debunk workout myths, help people exercise according to the science of exercise and a person’s specific physiology rather than according to what buffed-up Mark at the gym says.” 

As far as his fitness regime, Dan aims to design a fitness plan for all his viewers, supporting them throughout their transformation process, assisting them through the pain of getting in shape. All his workout sessions will be filmed and available online on his channel so that other people from different parts of the world can gain benefit from it.
Many fitness experts might tell you the right workout plan and how many weights you should be picking up in your local gym. One topic that no one seems to discuss is nutrition.

Matteucci is a true believer in attaining the perfect balance between eight rights and pushing the limits. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym; it will not make a difference without a good diet plan.
Other than his workout, he is aiming to discuss the right nutrition plan for people of all body shapes. Whether you are a hard gainer or looking to lose weight, Matteucci aims to address all.

Be sure to check out Dan Matteucci’s channel on YouTube and FastTrack your way to a healthy lifestyle.