The tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty, is not a one-size solution for all men and women who are looking to treat loose skin on their stomach. All plastic surgery procedures are highly individualized procedures. Patients should ensure that they are undergoing these often invasive procedures to meet their own needs and not in effort to fulfill the needs of someone else in their life.

Are you a good candidate for the tummy tuck procedure? Is it the right choice for you to meet your cosmetic goals?

The consultation with your surgeon

During your consultation you should be prepared to discuss your realistic goals from this cosmetic procedure. You should also make mention of any current vitamins or supplements, along with any prescriptions that you take.

When you discuss your tummy tuck goals, this is also a great opportunity to discuss any other areas of concern that you may have. Many women who’ve had children consider also undergoing breast surgery. According to Dr. Safvat plastic surgery tummy tuck can restore a youthful shape to a woman who is done with having her children. While multiple procedures can mean a few more challenges during the recovery period, it can also be more cost-effective for the patient.

Your consultation with your surgeon is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure itself and about the recovery. Be sure to jot down your concerns and concerns prior to your appointment so that you can get your answers.

The ideal tummy tuck candidate

Generally speaking, the best candidate for any type of cosmetic surgery should be a nonsmoker who is in great physical health. Patients who do smoke are urged to quit this unhealthy habit at least a month prior to the procedure, as it can potentially cause some complications during and after the surgery.

It’s also important that you disclose to your surgeon if you have had any prior surgeries, and whether or not you have any underlying health concerns that may impact your results.

Tummy tuck candidates are also those bothered by the way that their stomach looks. Whether they have lost a lot of weight or have had children, they should find that their excess skin on their stomach has a negative impact on their life. It’s also very important that the weight of the patient be stable for at least 6 months prior to surgery.

Many also find that it’s a hygiene concern as it can be hard to keep the areas where the skin folds over dry and clean. Irritation and even painful infections can set in.

What are the risks of tummy tuck surgery?

There are a few risks to consider with this plastic surgery. Healthy patients, however, typically do not experience complications from their surgery. Some of the risks that could become a reality for some patients may include the following.

Complications from the anesthesia
Sensations of numbness that last several months
Possibility for needing revision surgery if patient gain weight

The tummy tuck procedure, whether combined with breast surgery or not, can have a positive impact on the comfort and overall lifestyle of the patient. If you’re unhappy with your loose skin on your tummy, and your weight has been stable and healthy for several months, now might just be the right time to schedule your consultation.