A large number of women suffer from incontinence and pelvic floor problems at a later stage in life. This is because of a combination of reasons, which includes age related deterioration of the pelvic floor. Other reasons include pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, and strain on the muscles as a result of chronic constipation and cough. There is increased interest among women for kegel exercises which help to strengthen the pelvic floor. Women get to effectively control their bladder, and get rid of incontinence at a later stage. The exercises are also known to improve sexual gratification in women. Here is all that you need to know about the exercises.

Common Problems Associated With Weak Pelvic Floor

Some of the common problems associated with a weak pelvic floor include lesser bladder control which results in urine leakage during bouts of coughing, sneezing, and laughing. Individuals are also likely to feel a very strong urge for urinating, in addition to experiencing possible fecal incontinence. This can also result as a consequence of corrective surgery for hemorrhoids. Kegel exercises help to correct the problems, and small kegel balls available at loveballs help to make the exercises more effective. Known by various other names, the small balls are inserted in the female vagina during exercise.

Tips To Perform The Kegel Exercises

The exercises are simple and can be undertaken by ladies in the comfort of their homes. Some also do it during breaks, though this may not be possible always. Ideally the exercises need to be repeated thrice a day for best results. It is important to remember that the exercises should not be performed while emptying the bladder as this may result in possible infection at a later date. The exercise is quite simple – the pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that are used by individuals to control the bladder. The muscles need to be tightened and held for a particular period of time. The tightened muscles need to be relaxed after a count of three. This is one repetition, and the ideal number of repetitions per set is around fifteen. This effectively means that the individual needs to repeat the exercise around 45 times a day, over three sets.

What Needs To Be Remembered?

Most individuals perform this simple exercise in the wrong manner. The muscles need to be identified and isolated during exercise. In other words, only those muscles need to be exercised and not the other surrounding muscles. It is therefore necessary to identify the muscles before starting the exercise the first time. This can be identified by stopping urinating midway. By consciously controlling the bladder, individuals will be aware of the muscles that have been tightened. These muscles need to be tightened during the actual exercise. The controlling of urine needs to be done just once for the purpose of identifying and should not be repeated always.  The use of the balls helps to improve the effect of the exercise as this involves gripping the balls.