How tall you grow depends on your individual genetic potential for growth. We reach most of this potential by the time we turn twenty. From there on, however, many people prevent their skeletal system from exploring this potentially fully due to poor lifestyle choices.

As a result, most people have hidden potential for growing taller even after puberty. Whether you tap into it or not, though, depends on a few key individual lifestyle factors. Height Growth Club says by leveraging them, you can explore your hidden height potential, possibly gaining up to six inches in height.

How Lifestyle Can Make or Break Your Hidden Height Potential

A significant portion of your height depends on the height of your spinal column. Your spinal column, however, can only maintain its height if it's healthy.

Poor lifestyle choices undermine your spine's biomechanics, making it inefficient at handling various compressive and sheer forces. This brings about spinal degeneration which deforms vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs, making them permanently shrink in size.

As a result, being reckless about your lifestyle choices can force your spinal column to decrease in its overall height. And allow degeneration to steal inches from your overall height, forever locking down your hidden height potential.

Changes Your Lifestyle Needs for You to Grow Taller

For you to explore your genetic potential for height fully, your lifestyle must be on your side. To bring your lifestyle on board with your desire to grow taller, make sure to:

Maintain good posture Bad posture increases the degeneration of your spine exponentially and can make all your growing taller efforts futile. Fix it before it takes its toll on your height.
Stick to a healthy sleep schedule Allowing your body to get plenty of healthy sleep gives your spine enough time to decompress, get nourishment, and recover. This prevents spinal degeneration from stealing inches from your height with age.
Eat right for your height Caffeine, sugar, and high-glycemic foods disrupt the absorption of minerals your skeletal system needs for health and growth. Replace these poor dietary choices with foods like leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables that nurture your skeletal system.
Stay hydrated Drinking plenty of clean water protects your intervertebral discs and joints from degeneration by keeping them hydrated and lubricated.
Exercise with your height in mind Avoid activities and exercises that cause too much compression for your spine, like jumping or doing back squats. Instead, do more exercises that strengthen the muscles supporting your height, like erector spinae and deep core muscles.
Stretch key areas regularly Certain muscle groups, like hip flexors and pectoralis minor, can contribute to bad posture if they become tight. Stretch tight muscle groups preemptively and on a regular basis.

Better Lifestyle, Better Height

You can't outgrow your genetic potential for height. But you can get the most out of it if you stick with the above better lifestyle choices. Be consistent and allow them to help you look taller over time.