In the Era of millennial, having a good physique or good shape of your body has become a vital part of a good & healthy lifestyle. Isn’t it shattering, when you wear so trendy & Stylish clothes & it appears to be dull, loose, unfit or too tight? But what do you think, only overweight people struggle? Not really! Because no one likes to look like a hanger in their favorite apparels & this clearly tells us that underweight people, too, bear the brunt of weight like the way overweight people do. So everyone needs to have a balanced body weight, which makes them look great & for making them look great, one needs to have a proper, rich & convenient diet which should include high in Proteins, vitamins, carbs, Minerals, fibers to have a decent body weight. Here we got you some must have in your food that will definitely boost your weight naturally to increase and if you are from Delhi then you also visit one of the  best dietician in Janakpuri, Delhi, and all others also in different parts of location, that you can choose as per your convenience.

1. Milk 
You need to include milk in your diet plan if you are willing to include healthy calories to your meals to encourage weight gain. Milk is being used as a weight gainer, also a muscle builder for decades. It not only provide a good balance of proteins but, we also get carbs and fats. Apparently, is a good source of calcium, as well as other vitamins and minerals too. Have it around once or twice a day

Well, a cup of rice contains about 200 calories or more, and it is also a good source of carbohydrates, which highly contributes to the improvement of weight. Many people find it easy, to incorporate rice into meals that contain proteins and vegetables. It is also fairly calorie-dense like you can easily obtain a high amount of carbohydrates and calories from a single serving. This helps you eat more food.

3. Potatoes 
 Potatoes & starchy foods are really easy to have & very economical in case of price and can be added in a good amount of calories. Like we have some of these examples of the healthy source of starch and potatoes – like sweet potatoes, rice, millet flour, white flour etc. Not just only potatoes and other starches, add carbs and calories to help you gain weight but they also increase your muscle glycogen stores. Which is a helpful and major source to fuel up your most sports activities too.

4. Salmon or Oily Fish
Firstly when we talk of fish everyone knows Fish is a high in protein yet a low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits. it is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein, & fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids or the good fats. like the human body cannot make significant amounts of these essential nutrients, fish are an important part of the diet. It offers tons of benefits for your health and fight diseases. You will be surprised to know that just 170-gram fillet of salmon can easily give you 350 calories and 4 grams of omega-3 fats. 

5. Protein Supplements
Like the ways taking protein supplements is being really common these days to gain weight & build muscles. Mass gainers & Whey proteins are very easily available everywhere & it is also a cost-effective strategy to gain weight & combines with strength training but some people think these supplements are unhealthy or an artificial, but this is not the reason. Whey proteins are made from dairy and have been shown to improve markers of health and reduce disease risks. You must try especially if you are into body- training since your proteins requirement gets increased.

6. Dried Fruit
In order to have a curvaceous body, gaining just the adequate weight is very essential, and combining a nut & dry fruit diet with your regular dose of exercise & healthy food habits can give you the best results in the shortest time interval. Dried fruits are rich in nutrients and calories. Many people prefer dried pineapple, cherries, or apples. Dried fruit is widely available online, or a person can dry fresh fruit at home too. Even though they include high sugar contents & tastes great. On the other side, it makes them great for weight gaining.

7. Whole Grain Breads
In addition to this, whole grain bread, this meal can be included with other whole grains, such as brown rice, whole barley, whole grain oats & rolled oats, among others, as these are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals). You can prepare some very simple, high-calories and well-balanced meals by combining bread with protein sources such as eggs, meat, peanut butter & many more. It tastes well too.

8. Cereal Bars
Some of the healthy cereal bars in the market can be a great choice when you're on the go or in hurry. They are a perfect choice for Pre or Post training sessions. Since they tend to contain a mixture of slow & fast digesting carbs. Like we have Yoga bars which are a very famous brand for these cereal bars & many more.

9. Dark Chocolate
Some of the good quality Dark Chocolates provides tons of health benefits. Dark chocolates are very high-calorie density, it's really easy to get a sufficient amount of calories from it.

10. Whole Eggs:
Eggs are great to eat to gain healthy weight. And they are filled with proteins, carbs & minerals but they also give you the energy you need to get through the day. They’re versatile also, means you can scramble, poach, fry, or even make a delicious omelet too. Eggs are called one of the healthiest food on the planet.

So these were some of the examples which boost gaining weight certainly, but it can’t be achieved without having a healthy diet. For more such healthy tips and tricks, you can also visit Health Total.

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