Every bodybuilder dreams of the perfect ripped body - amazing muscle mass and brute strength. But it’s no easy feat to achieve that. You need to spend hours on the gym, lifting weights and hurting the next day.

However bodybuilding can be done wrong and if you don’t know how to do it properly, you’ll end up injuring yourself. That said, here’s the best way to get ripped and things that could help you develop those muscles.

Perk up your Calorie Intake

When people say bodybuilding and developing muscles, everyone will likely tell you to eat more protein-packed food like meat. While that is true, protein alone won’t give you the enhancement you need. You should also perk up your calorie intake along with your protein. 

Calorie helps you grow but how much should you be adding to your diet to avoid getting overweight?

A basic measurement used by bodybuilders is to take your current body weight and then multiply it by either 10 or 12, depending on your shape. Then, add 1000 to 1500 daily for your calorie intake.

But how can you pack all that in a day? Should you start binge eating before or after lifting? 

The best thing to do is to eat small meals throughout the whole day. Even with small meals, your calorie intake will build up until you have achieved your goal for the day. This also puts your body in what they call an anabolic state or when the body is building or repairing tissues.

That said, you can easily build muscles during that state.

Protein-Packed Food

If you want to get big muscles, you need an adequate level of protein to help develop it. If you don’t know how to start, here’s a tip: for every pound of your body weight, eat one or two grams of protein. 

That said, a bodybuilder that currently weighs 200 pounds will likely need at least 200 grams of protein everyday. You can get this with beef, fish, egg whites, chicken, and whey.

Just like with your calorie intake, eat small servings of these protein-packed foods every day. This gives your body a better chance at absorbing the amino acid and building muscles.

More Carbs

If you want to grow and stay in an anabolic state, more carbohydrates would help. Basically, the higher the level of carbohydrates in your body, the better chances you are at remaining in an anabolic state. It also plays a huge role in the releasing of insulin in the body - the body’s most effective anabolic hormone.

The following are good sources of carbohydrates:

Dairy like milk and yogurt

You can incorporate these in your meals so you’re not just eating plain food every time. Who says you can’t enjoy good food while you’re trying to develop some muscles? The key is to balance carbohydrates, protein, calories, and some good fats to keep your body in the best shape possible to develop muscles.

Recombinant HGH

Some people, unfortunately, can't develop muscles due to certain health issues. One of these is known as growth hormone deficiency and insufficiency. Basically, it's when the body no longer produces enough human growth hormones which make it extremely hard to build muscles.

While this normally happens to people during their mid-30s and above, it could also hit younger people and even children.

If you have it and you still dream of being a bodybuilder, you can get administered with recombinant HGH or synthetic human growth hormones made from E.coli that’s been modified in the lab so it carries the HGH genes. It’s completely safe so long as you really are in need of HGH.

For this, you can use the Norditropin Flexpro bodybuilding. This is in a pen that's easy to administer and even change the IU depending on the dosage you are prescribed with. It could take months before you are off the cycle, but it greatly helps in aiding the body in developing better muscle mass and strength.

In addition, it also aids in weight loss, and you also get the energy you need to exercise and lift weights. However, you are only able to buy one legally with a prescription. The only way you can get prescription is when you undergo a test, and it comes back positive in terms of growth hormone deficiency and insufficiency.

Rest Well

The most important tip of all is to let your body rest. Your muscles won’t grow without proper rest. All the work you’ve done will be for nothing.

Apart from that, rest also helps keep injuries at bay and repairs anything within your body that needs repairing. Overworking is common, and instead of reaping benefits, you'll ultimately fail to get the body you need, and you may even end up unable to function properly as you did before.