You’ve huffed and puffed your way through the gym. Your hamstrings burn and all that treadmill workout leaves you gasping for breath. Yet you did not move an ounce of muscle. Sound’s familiar? Muscle growth can happen only with proper post recovery techniques. Muscles grow when you step out of the gym. All those who need to make the most of workouts should also think of good post-recovery options. Here are some wonderful tips to maximize recovery and ensure an amazing fit body and good health with maximum gains. 

Push the Barrier, but Don't Cross the Limit

As we all know, "No pain, no gain.” But how far should the pain extend? Always pushing beyond your limit may cause your muscles to be destroyed in the long run and cause alot of physical pain. To relax muscles after workout, have a gentle activity like a walk or a small bike ride. And it should be real light, remember it’s for relaxing. This is because any activity increases blood circulation, there by improving blood flow throughout the body. 

CBD for recovery

Since it has been proven that CBD reduces pain, inflammation and muscle spasms, they are
Increasingly being preferred by for post workout recovery. They reduce nausea and help establish proper sleep which is important for those with strict regimens. CBD also helps in healing concussive injuriesand helps quickly recover from injury and get repair and relax your body post workout sessions. There are many CBD energy drinks and stuff like the Green Roads CBD Oil Pain Cream for recovery from workouts. 

Stretching is very important

Stretching is the most underrated player in muscle growth. Only when you have necessary muscular flexibility and muscle pliability an you have good muscular gains. I's important to allot around 15 minutes at least post-workout to cool down and stretch. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to relax muscles. Stretching is a great way to relieve all muscular tension and reduce the soreness you feel later. It's time people should be taking stretching more seriously!

Perfect Your Post-Workout Protein

Postworkout shakes are important, Period. Those who indulge in them are helping their muscles with fuel to grow. Remember, post workout protein is very essential. Around 25-50 gms of protein is what you require after each workout and this depends on your body weight. Women will find the lower end of 25 gms sufficient while men need more. 
Some proper supplements are whey protein since they are convenient, easy to mix, and it offers a rapid absorption rate that's perfect after a tough training session. Quality whey protein are great for your body relaxation. Whether you need a post workout shake, or meal replacement shakes like Premium Protein is right for you. The time released effect of Whey allows your body time to retain all proteins.
Reduce Your Stress

Stress created from exercise is not good for you. Be it chronic stress, from work and related stuff or acute stress, workout induced, how much you recover depends on how stress-free you are. When you indulge in intense workouts, and cause your already stressed body more loads, it will eventually breakdown resulting in adverse results. Reduce the amount of stress to protract recovery time after workouts. Any form of stress will take a toll on your overall well-being and reduce your body's capacity to heal and build itself.Do things you enjoy, do not fret over your workout.

Active Recovery from Non-Gym Activities

We all need rest days and cheat days, don't we? Take a break and rest your muscles from the severe strain of the gym. You can engage in light activities on rest days like walking to the store. These days give your muscles a good break and time to recover from stress at the gym. Light activities have recovery-promoting effects and this is known as "active" recovery.

Potassium Rich Foods

For post-workout nutrition, besides the whey protein and CBD, try including a source of potassium in your post-workout cocktail. Potassium is a silent necessity for a healthy body and its reserves are depleted from an intense workout session. Potassium alongside sodium and calcium, is an important mineral which plays a key role in muscular energy. Good sources of potassium include banana and potatoes. A banana smoothie is all you need to up those potassium levels aiding in post workout recovery.